Remember my El Nido posts? I'm quite in the mood to post something more so this will be the last of it. I know I showed nice photos of this remote island but never really discussed much about it. Basically this island was named after the If you want to check more detailed info, just click here. The official town site can answer more of your curiosity than my words =) All I can say is that you'll never regret going to this island for a fun, relaxing and "yummy" experience! Here is where you can experience nature both land and water with natural falls, lagoons, caves and many islands. This is also the heart of asian Nido Oriental soup delicacy for its famous Nido edible nest-gathering started. Truly an enchanting place!

By the way this was my first ever out of town experience which lasted for 9days without any family member or my bestfriend. My parents are quite strict so I'm more limited going out. How did I get away with it? Call it the perks and privileges of being married and a professional. I simply told them I will have to go there in Palawan to do ocular in the resort for the renovations so I can design accordingly and the client was requesting me to come over. My husband was ok with it so what does my parents have to say? hehehe! We had to exchange calls & texts though so they won't worry.

I was more than amazed to know that my friend's mom has acquired many properties there in that island. Their family's also known there, a very prominent one. Aside from Lally & Abet Beach Resort I was toured around to see the other properties that might be developed in time. This Little Boracay place we visited is way underdeveloped that the main shore. This is an ideal place for backpackers who just want to have a very simple life at the beach. Mind you, no electricity here =)

Nathz & I shared a room and it was really big for both of us. That's what you get for being a special guest too =) Both of us are shutterbugs so whenever we're in the room we play with our cameras setting it to auto mode and have numerous shots. Crazy girls? Nah, I'll say girls just wanna have fun!

Who says you can't enjoy pizza in an island? We actually got addicted to this local pizza called "capriciosa" and we actually ate in that place for 3 consecutive days! One of the last we tried was the marinara pizza which is an all seafood pizza. Can you see the calamari rings there? Funny that we were more than willing to spend quite much for this while we can eat anything in the resort restaurant free of cost! It's quite a walk from my friend's resort to Marbers and you can also use kayak if you wish too but we didn't want to get wet anymore so a nice leisurely walk by the shore was enough. Also since it's a very small town we went to Balay Tubay bar one night just to roam around and bought pizza and juice! There was a band playing but we only went there for their capriciosa in which we didn't like much.

Nathz & I having fun under the rain! One thing I learned from this kayaking experience on a rainy day, wear a life vest to keep you warm! hehehe it was so cold with the cool breeze blowing on your every paddle plus we were caught by a passing storm. The water was really warm so it's very nice to have a dip and swim but not to be up there out of the water playing. Wearing a sheer shirt won't help at all so a lifevest will save you from freezing. =) We were lucky enough that the water was calm despite the rain so we were able to go quite far with our kayak. I can't enjoy the snorkeling coz I'll need special goggles to see underwater. My specs sure was trusty during this water fun.

How about you, will you go for some work offer like this?

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53 Responses
  1. Tes Says:

    Oh wow, inviting! The place looks real clean and the sand, soft! I love Kayaking too!

  2. fufu Says:

    the room is too bug for both of you?? you should kidnap me and bring me there along with you :) lol

  3. lovely series of pictures and you gals sure know how to have fun, how cool.

    OMG, no electricity in the resort? i absolutely love the beach but surviving without electricity now a days is impossible. yup, i can't imagine without it.

  4. Tekkaus Says:

    Yeah! This El Nido island surely looks like a great place to enjoy and eat. =)You guys must have had a great time right?

    Hmm...no electricity? I think it will be better and safer to have electricity right?

  5. Tekkaus Says:

    The whole place must be really relaxing right? The island is so gorgeous..the clouds are so beautiful...what more can you ask right?

    Anyway have a great weekend Ayie! :)

  6. Sidney Says:

    Looks like you had a great time there...looks like paradise !

  7. lina Says:

    The Island in the second photo look like a head to me. Got eyes and nose just above the water line. :D

  8. lina Says:

    You two sure had fun! I wish I was there too, what more staying in that big room. ;)

  9. Cherry Says:

    of course, i remember Ayie! i thought i've missed this when i took a break for while but here it is! wow!!! lucky you to have been in such a wonderful place! i'm green with envy! ;)

  10. Carver Says:

    What a beautiful place. You got some great shots and it looks like so much fun.

  11. Merryn Says:

    Ayie, I was just about to ask who took all the photos when you mentioned that it was set to auto mode. hahahaha. there is one NICE black n white pics i see! ;P

  12. Euroangel Says:

    love all your photo here...wish to visit this place!

  13. rainfield61 Says:

    You really had your fun down there. Girls just wanna have fun. Hahaha..

  14. Anya Says:

    So many wonderful shots,
    you had fun we can see that ;)
    Thanks for sharing !!

  15. salitype Says:

    What a beautiful place ! The pizza looks delicious- can't blame you for having pizza for three consecutive days ! A must see place !

  16. Ayie Says:

    Hi everybody! I'm sorry i think I misled you about the "no electricity thing" I meant it for the little boracay beach we went to visit which is within the outskirts of the el nido town. The Town proper has electricity supply though there are scheduled shut off. It's all there in the el nido official link but I'll paste it here anyway for everybody's info.

    "There are many eccentricities to El Nido, for example the electric power is 12 noon to 4pm and then 6pm to 6am. Also you will not find any banks here, although you can change foreign currency and travellers cheques at a couple of places albeit at an increased rate. There are also no telephone lines (but now they have some mobile landline depends on the resort) so communication is mostly via mobile phones plus there are many internet cafe's scattered around the town."

  17. Ayie Says:


    The place is very clean though when it's peak season some people are irresponsible enough to clear and carry their trashes so you'll get to see a few but no worries since the local gov't there really checks the islands. Better visit there when you head back home.

  18. Ayie Says:


    Now you know other places you can explore in the Phils. Palawan has so much beautiful islands to viist. Hahaha if I have known you then we could've kidnapped you to tag along!

  19. Ayie Says:


    I thought the same also most esp thinking I can't go online for 9days! I wake up hubby everyday (overseas) and we also chat mostly everyday so it's a very big deal for me. Good thing they have some telephone line I can use with my callcard and internet to check my everyday mails at least. There's electricity supply in town proper though there are scheduled shut offs too.

  20. Ayie Says:


    A happy weekend to you too!

    This place is great for honeymooners i should say! hehehe since it's really remote and quiet so far away from the busy city. There were european couples vacationing there when we came.

    It was great being there and I will definitely come back with hubby next time to also check the renovations.

  21. Ayie Says:


    Yes you can compare it to paradise =)

    We had such a great time!

  22. Ayie Says:


    I tried looking at the island and yes I will go with your imagination. I can also see a head form.

    It was fun, they pampered us throughout my stay there. Hehehe they knew it was my first time away without my family and just with a friend.

  23. Ayie Says:


    Just make sure you book for Palawan when you go there in Phils, i can assure you'll definitely love it there.

  24. Ayie Says:


    Some shots are not mine, it's a mix up already of all our shots but thanks =) It's indeed fun fun fun =)

  25. Ayie Says:


    Yeah we've been setting the cam so we can just keep posing together! You like the B&W shot too? That's onbe of our faves! Thanks! Hehe my big announcement isn't here but there in Busy August post. Anyway i mentioned about it in your crafty-crafted =) Thanks

  26. JIF Hub Says:

    I want to go there right now >:)

  27. Ayie Says:


    If you love waters and to simply commune with nature, you won't regret the visit. I thought i will be bored being away that long and being far from my niece but i honestly enjoyed and was willing to extend if asked.

  28. Ayie Says:


    hahaha, yes...girls just wanna have fun! It's our first time to be spending time together and we haven't seen each other for year so it was really fun hanging out together.

  29. Ayie Says:


    Thanks for coming and enjoying my experience there through the photos =) It was really fun!

  30. Ayie Says:


    I know your hometown is such a paradise but this island also is. Try exploring Palawan next time =) and yes, the pizza's delicious!! thanks!

  31. Ayie Says:


    Hay don't worry...we'll go there for business and leisure purpose too!

  32. betchai Says:

    Hi Ayie, wonderful photos, your trip makes me want to go to Palawan now. My parents are okay with all our trips after we graduated from college, they told us we no longer have to ask permission from them, but they would appreciate it very much if we will at least let them know of our trips, which we all did :) my first trip to palawan was with my friend who has a military uncle, and we took the military copter from manila since it was free! goodness, can you imagine standing while in flight? hahaha! that was fun though, some of my real fun moments when i was young!

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Oh wow...looking from the pics itself I can say, you must had a whale of a time....some fabulous shots....would love to go on a work offer like this!

  34. Bengbeng Says:

    a paradise on earth. so beautiful

  35. This seems to be really a paradisiacal place! Guess you had a lot of fun!
    God bless you!

  36. Tes Says:

    Hi Ayie, you have an award to pick up from my blog. Hope you like it, girl! :)

  37. ladyviral Says:

    Looks like a really great fun-filled trip! Looks at the place.. so nice! Love beaches! Glad you had alot of fun :D.

  38. levian Says:

    truly an awesome place to relax!
    i love the duo photographs you girls had taken, it felt so warm n fuzzy.
    you must have felt so comfortable being together. :)

  39. Mummy Gwen Says:

    AYie ganda, you had been naughty naughty huh..hehe. You must be very protected when you were young. :P Anyway, I'm glad that you had fun. Agree with you..girls just wanna have fun..hehe.

  40. Ayie Says:


    That was extreme! How was the chopper ride? How long did it take from manila to palawan? But sure was fun I bet!

    My parents were too strict, they will allow me but so much interrogation first. hehehe Not even night outs and other outings. I got used with them being that way so I didn't really bother going out much, just plain work-home routine and some friends meet up once in a while. Mom will even call me on cp to check me out if I'm getting a bit delayed like 10:30 or so!

  41. Ayie Says:


    That kind of work is very rewarding for me =) So much fun!

  42. Ayie Says:


    I'm sure your whole family will enjoy there, the air is fresh so it's safe for your benghui. =)

  43. Ayie Says:

    Cezar & Leia,

    The place is enchanting, like you can't get enough of it and you'll keep wanting to come back there. thanks!

  44. Ayie Says:


    I got the award, Thanks so much! i like it!

  45. Ayie Says:


    So will you consider Phils for a beach getaway after ROM?

  46. Ayie Says:


    We were both comfortable, you're right considering it was our first trip together. We only met through our taekwondo class, just an extra-curricular activity during college outside the university. From then on we clicked =)

  47. Ayie Says:

    Mummy Sexy,

    Oh I was too"confined" at home. I didn't get to join my college classmates with much activities outside school since it's hard to ask permission. I was 26 already that trip so we had a blast. It's nice to be naughty sometimes...don't you agree?

  48. levian Says:

    ah, that seemed almost magical!
    the clicking just doesn't happen to everyone, does it.
    but with the right person, can't help to be perfectly comfortable with each other.
    is she living in the same place as you now? :D

  49. [SK] Says:

    wow, that is a nice place.. i have not been on a holiday to beach and island for a long time.. let me think, the last one was like more than 5 years ago.. what a shame..

  50. Ayie Says:


    nope she's in Phils right now taking care of her mom...i just got in touch with her the other night and she said her mom got sick. She'll be flying back to US in time but not here in my area

  51. Ayie Says:


    come on and start planning for a beach getaway then!

  52. Ruby Says:

    these are amazing photos..love it!

  53. Ayie Says:


    that's also an amazing place which made the photos great =)

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