Do you think the squirrel can finish the apple?

Happy WW!

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86 Responses

  1. foongpc Says:

    Yippee! I'm first! Looks like long time didn't drop by here already!

    Cute squirrel! You gave it the apple?

    I don't think it can finish the apple! : )

  2. foongpc Says:

    Talking about apples, I prefer green apples! Getting tired of eating red apples. Haha!

  3. Ayie Says:

    I also like green apple if red I like the fuji apple. I usually cut & slice green apple and sprinkle with a little salt =)

  4. Ayie Says:

    The squirrel was mad at me thinking I will gte the apple! haha I was just there to snap some shots!

    Nope, I didn't give the apple, the squirrels here get it from the trees by the neighborhood =) It's actually there on top the fence eating the apple happily =)

  5. Ayie Says:

    Goodnight to you Foong! Better have our rest soon. My Wednesday has just started =)

  6. Heidi Says:

    I'll bet it will be a close finish. Wonder who's lunch he stole.
    If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at http://cakecrumbs-heidi.blogspot.com

  7. Ayie Says:


    My you're so fast.

    The squirrel didn't get it from anybody but from the apple tree here =) He's cute munching there! If he didn't finish it, a close finish absolutely!

    Happy Wednesday!

  8. Salitype Says:

    ha!ha1ha1 from the looks of it,i bet he can....lovely shot ayie!

  9. Ayie Says:


    The squirrel was getting mad at me trying to get some shots! hahaha! Maybe he did finish it or nearly i just left coz I was getting bad glances from the squirrel already! =P

  10. If it can't it all it can stuff the rest in those cheek pockets for later.

  11. Ayie Says:


    You're right...it can stuff it's cheeks for more food later on =)

  12. Ruby Says:

    this is a very good shot..thanks for sharing and the visit!

  13. Ayie Says:


    thanks and you're welcome too!

  14. Great contribution - mine is up too :-)

    Thanks for visiting and commenting mine!

    Btw: Since first visit: Hello from Norway - Nice to meet you!

  15. Ayie Says:

    RennyBA's Terella,

    I welcome you here as well! Hope to see you again and thanks!

  16. Vixen Says:

    What I find amazing, is how long his fingers are. His hand is nearly as big as his head! Great shot.

  17. Ayie Says:


    Oh yeah, now that you mentioned! You are pretty observant =) Thanks!

  18. That is adorable! (and I love squirrels!)

  19. Ayie Says:


    You love squirrels? I hope this made your day. Thanks!

  20. Awwww. A squirrel with a belly as big as that apple would be a sight! Great shot!

  21. Ayie Says:


    thanks! i had fun taking snaps of the squirrel =)

  22. Carver Says:

    That's a wonderful shot!

  23. Ayie Says:


    just my luck! thanks =)

  24. levian Says:

    yes i believe it can!
    i thought at first that you took the photograph from the internet.
    it was an awesome shot! :D

  25. The apple looks tiny... or the squirrel looks huge!

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Adorable!!! Happy WW!

  27. Ice Says:

    Did you shoot this photo Ayie? It's really cool. The apple sure looks big for the squirrel. But I am sure it can munch that big apple in no time.

  28. Sidney Says:

    Cute...yes he can !

  29. That apple should last it a while :)

  30. Oh!!What a sweet photo!!!Very nice this photo!



  31. J.H Says:

    how cute!!!
    I think it can finished the apple, am I right? am I right???

  32. Anonymous Says:

    what a cute squirrel and yes I believe it can. We have these giant green balls that drop from our tree and they will eat them until there is just the core left. Happy WW!


  33. Such a cute creature! I'm sure it can finish the apple. :)

  34. Tekkaus Says:

    Wow! Ayie...again how come you always manage to shoot all the unbelievable picture? Amazing Ayie! I wish one day I could do this too. :P

  35. Tekkaus Says:

    The squirrel is really "obedient" huh! It wouldn't move and let you snap it.

    Hmm....I think it managed to finish it. haha :D

  36. Pete Says:

    I think it will finish the apple....then probably go for second servings! LOL!

  37. Gattina Says:

    What a sweet apple eater ! It would be happy here, so many apples are laying around because people are too lazy to pick them up. Tomorrow I will go there with a bag !

  38. Ayie Says:


    I took the shot at the backyard by the neighbor's fence =) The squirrels love to get the fruits there and also sneak to the apple tree here infront the unit.

  39. Ayie Says:


    The apple is just regular size and the squirrel's a little big =P

  40. Ayie Says:


    Thanks! Have a good day!

  41. Ayie Says:


    Yup it was a lucky morning when I spotted this muncher! Thanks! The squirrels here eat a lot so maybe it can finish the apple in time =)

  42. Monica Says:

    ahh so cute the squirrel! hmmm I think he can finish the apple :-P

  43. Ayie Says:

    You can chop away Mon =P How are you doing?

  44. Ayie Says:


    I am not so sure but maybe it can! =)

  45. Ayie Says:

    Napaboaniya APAD,

    Believe me, the squirrel was really munching away so fast =)

  46. Ayie Says:


    Thank you dear =)

  47. Monica Says:

    nice shot! I love it ;)

  48. Ayie Says:


    haha you sound so excited! I'm not sure if it did finish the apple but it was really eating so fast I won't be surprised if it did.

  49. Ayie Says:


    The squirrel was really seriously eating even getting mad at me trying to get close for snaps... maybe it did but I'm really not so sure!

  50. Ayie Says:


    Sure they can eat a lot! thanks =)

  51. Ayie Says:


    hehe maybe it did!

  52. Ayie Says:


    Just keep shooting and you'll get the hand of it =) the key is that you've got to love what you're doing.

    It's not too steady...I had to chase a bit sicne it's really trying to move away from me. Thinking probably I'm getting the apple! No thanks! haha! So I kept my distance and hid by the carport and shoot from there. It was really snarling on me...tiny creature yet so brave!

  53. Monica Says:

    I've been a bit busy, but other than that, I'm fine hehe! how abt u and yr baby?? ;)

  54. Ayie Says:


    The apple's a normal size so it might end up being so stuffed with one. Maybe rest a bit and off to the next apple tree =)

  55. Ayie Says:


    Then the squirrel will surely love you for that! It might even consider going with you for more apple indulgence =)

  56. Ayie Says:

    Been busy too Mon but me and baby are fine, thanks. We'll be off to the doctor on Tues =) I'm hoping for another ultrasound =P

  57. Monica Says:

    haha I think he was happily posing for the camera :-D

  58. Monica Says:

    glad to hear that dearie! rest more ya :* :*

  59. Ayie Says:

    Then you thought wrong Mon! It was giving me mad snarls trying to chase me away =P It was looking at the cam to be aware and be ready to run with the apple! hahaha

  60. Ayie Says:

    Thanks sweetie! I'm trying to =) You take care ok

  61. dangerkitty Says:

    Yay, squirrels! I love squirrles. When we lived in Pasadena,CA we had squirrels and raccoons running around. I miss the little guys.

    Happy WW!

  62. levian Says:

    perfect spot!
    you have seen them a couple of times n knew exactly where to take the shot?
    it is so impressive.
    we rarely see squirrels here, except dead ones brought back by my cat.
    quite a pity. :)

  63. SarahHub Says:

    I bet he finished it! He's fattening up for winter!

  64. zakkalife Says:

    Well if he can, I'd like to see what he looks like after ;)

  65. what an adorable squirrel and i love its bushy tail. it reminded me of Carver's squirrel too. she posted in one of her previous WW posts.

    i bet this guy can finished the apple real fast.

  66. Anya Says:

    Yes I think he eat the appel :)))))))
    Its a very cute shot !!!!

  67. Ayie Says:


    Happy Weekend to you!!

    No raccoons here but many squirrels =)

  68. Ayie Says:


    They are just everywhere here in the neighborhood. Every morning you'll see squirrels crossing the streets, climbing up trees, hopping on grass and running by the wood fences here. =) I just happened to witness a great opportunity to shoot seeing the squirrels feasting on an apple.

  69. Ayie Says:


    Hmmm, that makes a lot of sense! =)

  70. Ayie Says:

    Kawaii Crafter,

    I hope I'll get to see some leftover from the apples in time so I can snap some shots as well =)

  71. Ayie Says:


    I also remember carver's squirrel post. So much squirrels around here so it's normal to come across one or many everyday. =) the squirrel looks ready to finish that apple so maybe it did =P

    happy weekend!

  72. Ayie Says:


    If it did then I can be pretty sure the squirrel's overstuffed. Thanks!!

  73. Cherry Says:

    i almost missed this one! great shot, Ayie! i'm beginning to love squirrels! they are great subject in photography! ;)

  74. Aligaga Says:

    The squirrel can finish that apple over a period of days (maybe??) hehehehe

  75. levian Says:

    squirrels are everywhere at your place!
    aw, it felt so sweet already in my imagination. :)
    but won't the pets in the neighborhood get them?

  76. Ayie Says:


    great subject but hard to capture since they move a lot! thanks cher!

  77. Ayie Says:


    maybe he finished it the same morning =P

  78. Ayie Says:


    nope pets here don't bother about the squirrels and they are way too fast always on trees and hopping around. pets here are tamed too

  79. [SK] Says:

    i don't think it can finish the whole apple.. the apple is a lot larger than the size of its stomach.. :p

  80. levian Says:

    yiiks, that make ours purely wild. XD
    that makes it a very cool sharing of habitat. :)

  81. Ayie Says:


    the squirrels here have quite an appetite =P

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