I was in the mood one day for dumplings so I decided to make some for our dinner. I can't really share the exact recipe measurements because I don't follow measurements instead cook according to my taste. How about you, do you cook as instructed or you are such a kitchen scientist like me? =)

ingredients: ground turkey meat, minced onion, chopped garlic, salt & pepper
(optional: pinch of sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, chopped rosemary & other herbs)

Mix all ingredients, scoop a teaspoonful or spoonful filling (depends on your dimsum wrapper size) and using your finger dab the outer rims of the wrapper with water or beaten egg to seal. Be creative! design your dumplings as you wish =)

See how much I made? We finished all! Yum Yum!!

You may simply steam the wontons / dumplings and dip with soy sauce & lemon or simmer in a casserole to make some wonton soup. A dash of roasted garlic and lemon / lime juice will ass some zest with the soup. For those who like springs onions, this goes well with the soup too. =)

I'm leaving you with a soupy wonton treat for the weekend! Have a pleasant one!

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55 Responses
  1. rainfield61 Says:

    The skin of wonton looks a little bit too thick. lol.
    BTW, I can talk, and eat as well, but not knowing how to make it. Sigh...

  2. Donna Says:

    i am always follow the instruction one..

    i see.. this is the main page..

  3. Ayie Says:


    It just looks so thick when dry but as I steamed and simmered, it actually got quite thin.

    So you can't make it? Since you're in M'sia it's way easier getting dumplings there than here...also cheaper =)

    happy weekend!

  4. Ayie Says:


    Oh here you are! were you lost with all the blogs before you get to see this one? Thanks for coming over.

    I hate following instructions coz sometimes it doesn't suit my fancy. I always try to do recipes my way. But when it comes to baking I try to follow closely =)

  5. Ayie Says:

    Time to give my computer a break so goodnight for now! I'm closing this Friday night with a wonton treat for all of you guys! Happy weekend!

  6. betchai Says:

    i am a kitchen scientist too Ayie :) or call that kitchen chemist since I am in the field of Chemistry anyway :) oh, love your wonton soup, looks yummy!

  7. lina Says:

    Yummm... a delicious wonton treat. :)

  8. lina Says:

    Have a great weekend Ayie!

  9. Salitype Says:

    ha!ha!ha1...like you, i also am not keen on measuring ingredients..i do it by taste!

    love wanton.i do steamed ones, i might give a wanton soup a try!

    have a lovely weekend!

  10. Mariuca Says:

    Good morning AYie, wakey wakey! :)

  11. Mariuca Says:

    Hehehe I am a kitchen scientist too dearie, cook acc to taste lol...

  12. Mariuca Says:

    The dumplings look so good Ayie, I wonder how they taste... sure yum!

  13. Cherry Says:

    i love wanton dumpling soup! your version looks yummy! btw, i don't do measurements too. i follow my own taste, i am not very fussy in cooking. as long as my family is satisfied, i'm more than happy to cook my way...

    happy weekend Ayie! have u seen my fireworks video? it's for you! ;)

  14. Aligaga Says:

    I am exactly like you - I sort of estimate the amount of seasonings I put. I love making this stuff too - and I call this "siomai" They are so yummy with soy sauce and lemon !

  15. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Your wontons are so nicely wrapped. Look delicious ganda. You really is a good cook. Your Hubby is so lucky!

  16. This seems really yummy!
    God bless you!

  17. Bengbeng Says:

    wuah, not bad. not bad at all. must try yr wanton one day

  18. Anonymous Says:

    really yummy...mouthwatering stuff!

  19. levian Says:

    oh gosh, it made my mouth watery early in the morning. XD
    i usually follow my own liking too,
    add the flavor that was most alluring during that very moment.
    the lemon combination seemed unique, i have yet tried one with lemon added yet. :)

  20. fufu Says:

    if i were you....i would get half of the dumplings fried!! okok next time?!!

  21. Anya Says:

    It looks yummieeeee.......
    I wish I could eat it by you hahaha.....

  22. your wonton looks tantalizing. i'm drooling already. time for supper.

  23. Carver Says:

    That looks delicious.

  24. Ayie Says:


    Wow chemistry!!! I didn't enjoy that subject much back in HS...hehehe I think because i got all terror profs since 1st yr all the way! =P

    Come over here and I'll cook some for you!

  25. Ayie Says:


    Thanks Lina, it was a work-full weekend but fun anyway =)

    have a safe trip!

  26. Ayie Says:


    i also like steamed since it's healthier than having it fried and the wrapper has a nice smooth texture when steamed too =)

  27. Ayie Says:


    Sorry dear I was in deep slumber =P I take much rest on sundays to recuperate from the week's tiredness =) How's your weekend?

    I'd love to give you some of my wontons if you're here =)

  28. Ayie Says:

    Cher, Thanks for the vid! love it! I was there earlier since I'm off blogging on weekends.

    I am a bit meticulous in cooking, my entire family cooks so it's hard to serve something not very satisfying to their tastebuds. Any meal served at home not so good will have such criticisms! hahaha... nothing too serious but mocking ways so better just serve it good =P

  29. Ayie Says:


    i call it siomai too but some foreign friends might not be too familiar with siomai so i used wonton instead. =)

    lemon juice + soysauce and add some roasted garlic and little chili...yum! hahah I miss siomai house, one of my favorite siomai places back home also paotsin!

  30. Ayie Says:

    Mummy sexy,

    Your hubs is so lucky too most esp princess gwen seeing all the dishes you posted in your blog. Hmmm I can still remember that yummy pasta! hehe

    Thanks mummy sexy! hubs loves the wontons =)

  31. Ayie Says:


    Then ask Leia to make some wontons for you too =)

  32. Ayie Says:


    Don't stress yourself making your own wontons, it's easier to buy there even with much varieties! hehe

  33. Ayie Says:


    have you tried wontons? thanks =)

  34. Ayie Says:


    adding lemon gives a certain taste and it's not only for wontons, you can try it with noodle soups or anything soupy and has that salty taste. The citrus kicks in some zest =) it's also very good with congee, add lemon with it =)

  35. Ayie Says:


    haha too lazy that time to fry the dumplings... I actually saved some for frying but when I finished making the soup I just thought of dumping all there! hehe

  36. Ayie Says:


    Come here anya and we'll eat together! =)

  37. Ayie Says:


    So what did you have for supper? Did you make some wontons too?

    happy monday!!

  38. Ayie Says:


    Thanks carver!

  39. Tekkaus Says:

    Arrghhh...how come I missed this post? I wanna eat! I wana eat! Anything left for me? :p

  40. Ayie Says:


    hahaha! i also don't know how can you miss it when i gave you the hint when i just posted it. i thought you'd be the first to come. hehe

  41. Ayie Says:

    you were too late so it's all done =P something else next time perhaps =)

  42. ladyviral Says:

    you make me hungry T____T.

    I love wantons! Those looks yummylicious! *drools*

  43. [SK] Says:

    very different from our traditional chinese style dumplings in soup.. we normally have it in clear and simple soup, and the dumplings have nicer shapes, yours are really creative.. hahaha!! :D

  44. J.H Says:

    is it so coincidental that I just cook fried dumpling yesterday :D

  45. Ayie Says:


    now i know what to serve you when you come to visit here =P hahaha wishful you'll visit me!

  46. Ayie Says:


    i always go beyond ordinary and i like it really tasty so there i made my own soup not just plain clear soup but savory one =P

  47. Ayie Says:


    let's share dumplings then! haha

  48. levian Says:

    as long as it is not too sour for me to enjoy the food.
    i remembered trying a chicken dish, lemon is not its main flavour,
    but after adding in the lemon, it was even tastier! :D

  49. ladyviral Says:

    Can I have beef fillings? :D Beef and pork maybe? XD *I wanna visit you too!*

  50. Ayie Says:


    That's exactly the idea, just to add some taste. We have a traditional filipino dish sinigang which is a tamarind soup base, the more sour the better. I bet you'll like it once you taste it.

  51. Ayie Says:


    I also make beef or pork wontons...a lot tastier. Just that turkey was available that time =)

  52. levian Says:

    oh my, i am no fan of sour food. i am kinda afraid of them.
    but i would love to have a taste just to know how its like though. :p

  53. foongpc Says:

    Yummy wonton! I like! I can't cook but I can help you wash the dishes! : )

  54. Ayie Says:


    then charge it to experience =)

  55. Ayie Says:


    that's a deal foong! haha!

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