Poema de la vida (Poem of Life)

La vida es un lugar de parada, (Life is but a stopping place,)
Una pausa en lo que va a ser, (A pause in what's to be,)
Un lugar de descanso a lo largo de la carretera, (A resting place along the road,)
Para la eternidad dulce. (To sweet eternity.)
Todos tenemos distintos trayectos, (We all have different journeys,)
Caminos diferentes a lo largo del camino, (Different paths along the way,)
Todos estaban destinados a aprender algunas cosas, (We all were meant to learn some things,)
Pero nunca la intención de quedarse ... (But never meant to stay...)
Nuestro destino es un lugar, (Our destination is a place,)
Mucho mayor de lo que sabemos. (Far greater than we know.)
Para algunos el viaje es más rápido, (For some the journey's quicker,)
Para algunos el camino es lento. (For some the journey's slow.)
Y cuando finalmente termina el viaje, (And when the journey finally ends,)
Vamos a reclamar una gran recompensa, (We'll claim a great reward,)
Y encontrar una paz eterna, (And find an everlasting peace,)
Junto con el Señor. (Together with the Lord.)

--author unknown

...y descansar en la paz eterna querido hermano...

(may you rest in eternal peace dear brother)

Enoc's my dear husband's half bro (from papa's previous marriage before he met mama). Hubs had some chance to spend time with his older brother when he came back here in US sometime 2005. Enoc even stayed in his apt for awhile. This photo was taken here at home when papa brought Enoc for a visit before he went to El Salvador and during this time he was already very ill. I didn't miss the chance to snap a shot of all of us so I set the cam and I'm glad I did. My husband and I knew this time might not come anymore. I thought this past week won't be as stressful as the later week but so much things happened in a week's span after he's brought back here in California by his hermana. Last Friday hubs received a call from his hermana saying it might be his last day so we came in rushing. It was indeed the last, me and hubs witnessed his last breath. It's a very painful moment for my husband seeing his brother go as he was holding his hand tightly. Our only relief was seeing him go without struggle, pain, seizure or any suffering and we saw his face happy. I bet he is now, being free of pain and free to see and go back to his wife, kids even merely as a soul. He can now watch over them now despite the absence of his physical body. Que nuestras oraciones con usted Enoc...

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15 Responses
  1. Tekkaus Says:

    OMG! I have a lump in my throat Ayie! :( My condolence.

  2. Tekkaus Says:

    I agreed with the poem..that none us were meant to stay at this place. For it is only temporary. But I thing I couldn't accept that.

    Last year...when my mother left me...I was so dreaded. And it took me months to come to terms with it. Till today...it still hurts me.. :(

  3. Tekkaus Says:

    But we are after all mere mortals right? One day, we will return to meet Him! Anyway I just wanna let you know how sorry I was to hear about your bro in law.

    Nonetheless..I believe he is in heaven right now smiling at you guys...just like how I believe my mum is right now.

    Take care.

  4. Ayie Says:


    Thanks tekkaus, my husband will be truly delighted with everything you wrote here. He's now reunited with my husband's younger sister daisy who also passed away many years ago. That's why I've with him all the way coz I know this kind of pain is something that can bring back those painful memories when they lost their dear girl before. May your mom always guide you...i now she does.

  5. levian Says:

    aw, so sorry to hear about it.
    but like you said, though his physical body left, his soul remained to watch over you guys.
    he will be waiting with Him, for the rest of us to join them for a feast!
    hang in there, ayie, let the good memories remain with us, rather only the sad ones. :)

  6. Sidney Says:

    My condolences. It is hard to lose someone we love...

  7. Superman Says:

    My condolences. Really sorry to hear about that. It will not be easy for the family but I think they will be tough and he will still watch over them from above.
    Take care of your hubby and yourself!

  8. lina Says:

    my condolences too.

  9. I'm so sorry dear friend. My condolences too!
    All our prayer for your family ,
    God bless you

  10. Ayie Says:

    Levian, Sidney, Superman, Lina & Leia,

    Thank you... we truly appreciate it! We're ok, just a little shaken.

  11. my deepest condolences. it's never easy to lose someone we love.

  12. i visited you yesterday but for some reason, i couldn't leave a comment here as the comment box just wouldn't appear. i'm glad you've fixed it.

  13. Ayie Says:


    Thanks so much...I'm glad you can now leave your comment with ease. Thank you for coming back to give us your condolences. I just feel so sorry for my husband and his papa most especially for losing another offspring.

  14. betchai Says:

    ayie, i am sorry to hear about this. my condolences to your family, and i am glad to see the strength in your words.

  15. foongpc Says:

    Sorry to hear about this! My deepest condolences.

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