I miss this cute little girl! Mom told me they went shopping and she spotted a heroin costume and asked them to buy it. Mom said she was getting the cheaper priced but dad wanted the better quality even if it's 2x the price! hahaha so spoiled with the grandpa! The little Darna won over the grandparents getting away with a costume shopping!

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93 Responses
  1. levian Says:

    she poses! this is so adorable!
    the mini version of darna! XD

  2. Ayie Says:


    good morning!

    you know darna??

  3. so she's the wonder woman of phillipines? i love your little Darna. she always remind me of my little princess.

  4. have a great week ahead Ayie. Happy WW!

  5. Ayie Says:


    Hi LR!!! yes I think she really feels like the little Darna! She's been watching it on tv that's why. Too bad the shots are not that clear, must be from cp.

    your little princess is such a cutie too, i love seeing her pics too. btw when will you post another photo of your little darling?

  6. Ayie Says:

    You too LR, thank you so much! Happy WW! =)

  7. Cherry Says:

    happy WW Ayie! the little darna of your family is soooooooo adorable!

  8. Ayie Says:


    isn't she a cutie? i wanna hug her sooooo tight!

    happy ww!

  9. Tekkaus Says:

    Little Elisse is so cute huh! :) Wow! She is donning on her Superwoman costume huh! :) I think this is the Marvella costume?

  10. Tekkaus Says:

    Perhaps she is training to be a heroine for you little junior? So that she could protect little junior? LOL :D

    Then again she looks really funny! LOL :D

  11. Tekkaus Says:

    Grandparents will always pamper their little ones. I would too. Why not? :) have a nice day Ayie!

  12. Carver Says:

    What an adorable child. Great shots.

    Thanks for visiting mine and to answer your question, I don't know what the name of the bug is.

  13. Uhhh...

    I better close my eyes. The superhero outfit is so sexy.

  14. Bengbeng Says:

    the future wonder woman is adorable :)

  15. THAT is hilarious! love it

  16. Anya Says:

    Its a FANTASTIC costume :)
    Lovely girl :)))))

  17. It's seems very revealing for so young a child. It's much too cold in our part of the world to wear anything like that. Doesn't it come with a cape or something.

  18. Oooo..... That is so cute! I want to pinch her cheeks! :P

  19. For such a sweet darling, I would pay 10X the price for that costume. :)

  20. She is so cuuute!!



  21. Aww you have a beauty queen in the making.. that or a superhero! Happy WW

  22. Donna Says:

    awww.. she is so cute.
    hahahah.. and know how to pose in front of camera also..

  23. Jean Says:

    sexy lil girl!

    From me to you, suejean =)

  24. J.H Says:

    cool stuff! She looks natural :-)

  25. foongpc Says:

    She's cute in that costume! Er..but who is Darna? Wonderwoman, supergirl, catwoman I know. Darna who?

  26. foongpc Says:

    Oh I know! Philippine's own heroine! Just googled it. Heh heh

  27. She is a perfect super heroine! She is adorable, thanks for sharing!
    Léia :)

  28. Sue Says:

    Awww what a sweet child :)

  29. rainfield61 Says:

    I can't help but keep laughing, she is cute and HOT.

  30. Ayie Says:


    Of course cuteness it runs in the blood!!! ahahahaaha!

    That's a DARNA costume, Phils wonder woman

  31. Ayie Says:


    Oh no no no, she has quite heavy hands so our little junior might not be in gentle care from this gal! hehe and i still wonder if she really won't hesitate with our baby since we're really close. She's my girl, you know. I can expect her to be so pampered and spoiled by grandpeeps since she's the apple there at home. Our first baby there and she reminds them of me...hehehe we have resemblance most esp when I was that age. I'm often mistaken as her mom actually!

  32. Ayie Says:


    Thanks, yes she is =) Awww too bad that shot for your bug's great.

  33. Ayie Says:


    Ahaha, wait til the aunties wear the costume!

  34. Ayie Says:


    Do you think she has a potential for the big screen in the future? hehe

  35. Ayie Says:


    Oh thank you =)

  36. Ayie Says:


    She really feels like the real one! haha

  37. Ayie Says:


    Imagine it being worn by a voluptuous lad!

  38. Ayie Says:

    Sukhmandir kaur,

    She lives in the tropics (asia) and the costume really is like that worn by a curvy lady. I know your culture has dress code too, right?

  39. Ayie Says:


    so chubby cheeks! hahaha!

    you'll be a perfect auntie for her! she loves to shop at that age (3) and chooses her own stuffs! haha

  40. Ayie Says:


    thank you, she is I agree =)

  41. Ayie Says:

    jams o donnell,

    Maybe a beauty queen since she's really a scardy cat inside! hahaha! Thanks! happy WW!

  42. Ayie Says:

    Jams o Donnell,

    Maybe just a beauty queen since she's really a scaredy cat inside! hahaha

    thanks! happy WW!

  43. Ayie Says:


    she knows how to work on camera only when she's in the mood for it =P

  44. Ayie Says:


    haha she calls herself sexy! no new post from you yet? I was there too =)

  45. Ayie Says:


    she loves that stuff =)

  46. Ayie Says:


    I'm glad you found out about darna already, yes she's the Phils wonder woman! cute huh?

  47. Ayie Says:


    You can't imagine how much we miss this girl =(

  48. Ayie Says:


    She's quite naughty but can be sweet when she feels like it! hahaha

  49. Ayie Says:


    wait til she grows up! hehehehe

  50. Heidi Says:

    How do little one's talk their grandparents into things like that? I probably won't understand till I'm there. I know I have no problem telling MY kids no.
    She looks very cute!!!
    Thanks for stopping by today.

  51. Ayie Says:


    She's the only baby at home and first grandchild, that pretty much explains why =) Besides that, her dad loves costumes when he was a kid. You can tell her no with other things but I guess when it comes to shopping, she's quite exceptional. Maybe she got it from her mom...she loves to shop a lot =) Thanks for the visit!

  52. Mr. Muskrat Says:

    Too cute!

    Thanks for the visit today. :)

  53. Stan Says:

    Cute little girl. Wonder Woman in training!

  54. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for stopping by the blog, yes we had fun at the circus. But sounds and looks like your little one had fun costume shopping with the grandparents. I always find it funny that they can convince them to buy things we never could've as kids. Cute outfit.


  55. bonggamom Says:

    How cute!! Love the strapless bra :)

    My WW post is up here.

  56. levian Says:

    from what i last heard, darna is a philippine version of wonder woman?
    i remembered seeing her because at first glance, i thought she was from marvel as well. :p

  57. Superman Says:

    The little girl is so cute and I guess she really like to pose. Hehe. Got talent to go for American's got talent. :)

  58. SandyCarlson Says:

    She is a beautiful, beloved child.

  59. Too precious for words. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note abut our baby grand and our boxersl There are so cute together.

    I am hosting an online Bible study for MOMS on the book of Ephesians called High Stepping in Heavenly Places. It is 10 week study and starts tomorrow. Check out my blog for details at http://jeanstockdale.typepad.com.

  60. my little princess is so inclined to take pics nowadays. it's not easy to take good captures of her anymore but i'll try to feature her in my upcoming WW posts.

  61. Robin Says:

    She makes quite a little Wonder Woman, what a diva.

  62. Vixen Says:

    You can't blame the grandparents, we are an easy mark. Especially for such a cutie!

  63. Gabriel Says:

    Oh, that's so very cute!!! :-) What a beautiful superhero (or should I say 'superheroin')

    Thanks for dropping by.

  64. [SK] Says:

    the cutie version of wonderwoman?? haha, and she really knows how to pose~~ :D

  65. Ayie Says:

    Mr. Muskrat,

    you're welcome and thanks too!!

  66. Ayie Says:


    I hope she'll be a real wonder woman as she grows up =)

  67. Ayie Says:


    Well the grandparents can't say no to their lovely kiddo. She gives them so much joy for them to resist a request! haha thanks!

  68. Ayie Says:


    you can also have the same costume...you know! hehehe

  69. Ayie Says:


    you got it right! she's the wonder woman of Phils =)

  70. Ayie Says:


    she loves to pose when she's in the mood but if not hooboy so grumpy! She's in Asia on the other side so no chance for American's got talent =P

  71. Ayie Says:


    She is very much loved by all of us =) The apple of your eyes =)

  72. Ayie Says:


    Thanks, will check it out. =)

  73. Ayie Says:


    I'll definitely look forward to her photos =)

  74. Ayie Says:


    hehe funny and cute! need a model? she's there in the Phils! ahaha just kidding!

  75. Ayie Says:


    I'm surprised how the costume complimented her so much! Thanks!

  76. Ayie Says:


    yes she is =) thanks!

  77. Ayie Says:


    ah huh! so you're a victim of cutie grandchildren too!

  78. Ayie Says:


    That's why I wanna hug her tight and never let her go until she cries for help! ahahaha

  79. Ayie Says:


    yes a cutie version i'd say!

  80. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Hi Ayie ganda, your little niece is super duper cute. She is vain pot eh..hehe. Seriously, she is a day brightener. :)

  81. Ayie Says:

    Hi mummy sexy!

    We can't stop smiling when we saw her photos yeah truly a day brightener but also makes me sad not being able to cuddle and hug her tight and smother her with kisses! ahahahaah

    i think elisse and gwen has a lot of similarities! Vain you said, right? you have a cutie yourself there, lucky you!

  82. Mariuca Says:

    Hi sweetie! How are u? :)

  83. Mariuca Says:

    My connection has been so sucky lately, so damn difficult to drop ec or comment! :(

  84. Mariuca Says:

    I love this cutie pie too Ayie, how clever of her to pose away like dis he he! :)

  85. Ayie Says:

    hi mariuca! I emailed you something just now...

  86. Monica Says:

    oh my Elisse.. u're the cutest girl I wanna hug you!!

    Hi Ayie! I'm here ;)

  87. Monica Says:

    oh I think she has a potential for the big screen in the future hehe ;)

  88. Monica Says:

    hows your pregnancy going Ayie? hope all is well with you dearie :*

  89. Ayie Says:


    Hi Mon! I'm doing fine same with baby. Thanks for asking. Hope all is well with you too!

    I miss hugging that chubby girl! ahahaha

  90. Ayie Says:

    Mon I emailed something to marzie that day she visited here...I was thinking of emailing you too today but i decided to just post it now in here. i know i told you a little about it before..

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