I'm still archiving and at the same time organizing my HD files because I want to clear some space too to give way to my new images. My office projects and personal projects consume a very big portion of my HD so it's about time to dump some unnecessary files. I can say we were lucky to get the chance to practice and work in our former office Ole Naval Architects. Boss was exceptional, not somebody who would push you aside but someone who would want you to excel and achieve something in your career. A great mentor and architect! He taught us many things there and molded us to go further up our career, never selfish about sharing his knowledge. He was never judgmental about me and my hubs since we worked in the same office. Boss knew from the start that we're together and still he was not barred by that fact. When he needed an addition to the office and knew my hubs' qualifications, he didn't hesitate to hire him without further personal questions (we submitted resume together in all offices since we were looking for a new employers). We didn't have problems in the office since we observed professionalism and people around us never even hinted our personal deal. It was even boss who spilled the news about us being together later on! Our relation with boss didn't end when we left the office, he was one of our godfather on our wedding. =)

...proposed privacy enclosures for visa booth area...

Oh what a recap! Now back to my projects. Like I was saying earlier, the office gave us great opportunities there handling our German projects. Those projects weren't easy and quite delicate because Germans are very meticulous. So much things to learn about their systems and planning more so we're working on a new embassy project. It was really scary to handle such a delicate project but it's all worth because I learned so much from it. The German Embassy was my starting project there when i first came in so it's a total shock for me. I had the privelege to go in an out of the embassy with ease during inspections (security's really tight). The other German project, Goethe Institut was given to my hubs who later on passed it to me when he left to go back to US.

...goethe institut, manila...

Security features and planning was very essential for this project but one thing that played a big role is the communications systems. Being new to this system made me confused too because you don't do these things in ordinary residential projects. IP (Internet protocol) / PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system was given high conideration for the communications efficiency of the projects. It's a business telephone software based system designed to deliver voice or video over a data network. Working on the electrical and auxiliary plans was not joke at all that time.

Just when I thought I can get away with electrical layout and anything about it after leaving that electrical contractor office I was in before and now I am more exposed to it! I admit it's for my benefit since this is really part of our work scope. High Speed Data and Structured Cable Design were also covered. These kind of projects need to have efficient system connection to keep the workflow good. Just like when boss went to Germany and left me the responsibility to attend to the German's queries during boss' absence, we exchange emails aside from the usual phone calls.

Not only with electrical and auxiliary systems but other fields like mechanical and lots of detailing were done. Surveying, measuring and many plan revisions were made prior to project completion. Right now I don't want to do those things anymore, simpler projects are fine and i think I'll enjoy more. Those kind of projects sure are big time but also mean more stress. That's the least that I want now from work. I just want to enjoy designing and doing other things now and nothing too heavy.

I wish you all a pleasant weekend! Enjoy!!
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53 Responses
  1. Jean Says:

    that's real nice to have a boss like yours. oh how nice. happy weekend too!

    From me to you, suejean =)

  2. Superman Says:

    Your boss is a great boss. Not easy to find one nowadays.
    You have really some nice design and many things for you to consider to design the nice layout of the office. You are really good at it! You even need to consider the IP and PBX which is so sophisticated. I like the privacy booth with the glass.
    Btw, you new template is nice!

  3. Bengbeng Says:

    so this is what you do. i think the layout is people friendly. quite good actually

  4. Tekkaus Says:

    Wow! You have to delete some of the photos because your HD is too full already? :p You must have a lot of photos huh! :)

  5. Tekkaus Says:

    Looks like you have quite a number of projects huh! :) The visa booth is really creative. It is not too privy but still have the added touch of seclude. ;)

  6. betchai Says:

    wow, beautiful designs Ayie! you are such a talented architect. How are you? sorry if have not been making my presence here felt more often, but please know you are in my thoughts, and I continue to wish and pray for your healthy pregnancy.

  7. Gattina Says:

    Very interesting and nice designs !
    I am German, but like a lot of us we are not very meticulous, lol ! That must be an old reputation the Germans had, now they are rather cool, except in administration, but that is in all countries.

  8. rainfield61 Says:

    Shhhhhh.... You have uploaded some confidential information...
    shhhhhh, I won't tell your boss.

  9. Salitype Says:

    ayie, those design are sleek. knowing how meticulous germans are , i bet they're happy with your design, cool!

    it seems a lot of stuff to consider when making a design, huh!

  10. A good boss is hard to find these days. you were so fortunate to have a great boss who was kind and fair.

  11. the layouts are pretty interesting to look at. you're such a talented architect.

  12. foongpc Says:

    Hi Ayie! Congrats for being FC again on my blog! : )

  13. foongpc Says:

    You know what, I think you now write longer posts than me! LOL!

  14. foongpc Says:

    So many words! My eyes also feeling the pain. Haha! Juz kidding.

    You are such a talented architect! I like the layout!

  15. foongpc Says:

    Hmmm, wondering what pictures to put as linky love on my blog : )

  16. Cherry Says:

    happy weekend, Ayie! bless the hearts of bosses who values their employees just like they value their families. ;)

  17. Tes Says:

    Oh wow, nice design, Ayie! It is such a blessing to have a good boss, they make work more enjoyable. You are fortunate, girl!

  18. oh sweetie
    You are a wonderful professional, awesome projects!
    Léia :)

  19. Anya Says:

    You have a wonderful boss ... ;)
    Have a lovely weekend

  20. Ayie Says:

    Hi everybody!

    I just made a quickie check here and will be heading out in a while. Thank you for all your comments, truly appreciate everything!

    As for the design...in the office major design concept and most especially major projects boss has all the input. We just encode it accordingly. I only really get to design on my own with small projects that he doesn't want to mind too much and my personal projects =)

    The designs shared here are all boss' =) but not the 3d modelling

  21. Ayie Says:


    yes pls don't tell boss...hehehe

    i think it's ok, I stamped the company name there on the images =) also those pics were carefully selected coz i don't want to get in trouble! ahahaa

  22. Ayie Says:


    I need to unwind that's why i keep writing too! so much stress lately...this is my only outlet.

    ...but i still think your posts are longer =P

  23. Ii have a boss like yours - you see, I am the boss in the company :-)

    Btw: Thanks for the visit and nice comment on my post about Oslo Fjord. Welcome back any time!

  24. wenn Says:

    wow..such creative design..hv a nice weekend..

  25. Sidney Says:

    Sounds like really great projects! You were lucky to be part of them!

  26. Wow. I had no idea this is what you do!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment about the tea strainer. It is quite a find but I don't know anything about the history of it. Blessings.

  27. levian Says:

    what a considerate boss you've got!
    ours would have one of the couple move to the other departments or resign.
    n sad to say, many ended up resigned.
    this post sounded pretty technical for me, only until ip n data network,
    things started to ring bells. :p

  28. fufu Says:

    wow... guess what? i am heading to germany sooner... hohohoho.... cant wait to be there in europe =p erm ... well only two floors for the institute? enough for the huge population in manila? lol

  29. ladyviral Says:

    All in 1 comments here

    1) waaa simpsons stamps! I want! They are so cute!!!

    2) That costume looks like wonder woman! So cute!

    3) Hot Dogs! yummy! I am hungry now... I have been hungry the whole day aiyar no good.

    4) Wow these architecture looks good.

    Sorry for putting all comments in one post.. been tied up and browsing through, so didn't want to keep clicking posts hehehe. Sorry sorry..

  30. ladyviral Says:

    oh by the way, I am home! Did you miss me? :P

  31. Donna Says:

    very classy design leh..

  32. Ayie Says:


    My previous template went so bad that i had to change, thanks for the compliments.

    The booth proposal is to reduce noise because it was just designed open before and what happened is that the mic system was quite high and people can hear from booth to booth.

    Telecoms system was in high consideration due to the embassy needs.

  33. Ayie Says:


    Yes this is my line of work, boss' idea's good but so challenging when it comes to 3d modelling =P

  34. Ayie Says:


    Our programs eat big chunk of memory to make it running and also the photos we're producing are high res.

    The visa booths were not intended to be really close, the proposal was just to reduce noise from the neighboring booth

  35. Ayie Says:


    So sweet of you, don't worry I completely understand that. I am working home base so I have more chance to do blogs and other things aside from usual work. Thanks so much for still being here despite your very busy schedule. I'm doing ok with my pregnancy...baby bump's getting bigger now.

  36. Ayie Says:


    Haha nice to know New Generation germans are cool and not that strict anymore =)

    This is an embassy project that's why so much meticulous works and input =P thanks!

  37. Ayie Says:


    So much considerations both planning and requirements and every building has their own set rules too. Good thing it's really boss who needs to think about all those! ahahaha

  38. Ayie Says:


    Thanks so much, boss will be happy to hear your compliments =) I can only take the credits for th 3d modelling and other cadworks and documentations for these projects and not really the design.

  39. Ayie Says:


    Thanks for the linky love! I saw you chose that FnF puzzle, your fave?

    Did I strain your eyes? Hmmm I can write longer though hehehe!

  40. Ayie Says:


    Those kind of bosses are very exceptional and deserve high respect from employers =)

  41. Ayie Says:


    Very fortunate indeed! Thanks!

  42. Ayie Says:


    I still have to practice a lot before I reach my boss' designing skills =) Thanks so much!

  43. Ayie Says:


    Yes he's great! thanks =)

  44. Ayie Says:

    RennyBa's terella,

    I will be there again =)

    Hmm so you're the boss there, great! i am now too!

  45. Ayie Says:


    Very good projects and very nice to have in my portfolio and resume! =P

  46. Ayie Says:


    yes this is what i do...and I enjoy it a lot!

    that tea strainer you have is very unique!

  47. Ayie Says:


    Don't worry this is too technical for me too...Don't think it was easy for me to know all those things right away. Boss had to explain and teach us how those things work for us to be able to implement those things in the design.

  48. Ayie Says:


    So Germany's your next leg of adventure! I'm assuming it's anytime soon! haha!

  49. Ayie Says:


    Welcome back! It's ok don't worry about the all-in-one comments! I also do that sometimes! hehe

    Any update? I'll wait for your email k?

    Thanks! Of course i missed you...pretty quiet..hehehe I know you experience was great we on the other hand had unfortunate events... will just exchange emails later

  50. Ayie Says:


    i strongly agree...boss made the whole embassy look like a hotel inside =)

  51. levian Says:

    that should be a very interesting change n exposure to a whole new area!
    i am excited for you already. :D

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