Last Christmas Eve was a challenge for me because hubs invited his family over for dinner here at home since we're having quite a feast. I prepared many dishes too much for the two of us to finish and even if we forced it still not possible. Given our small space with few big boxes occupying our dining-kitchen area, I had to do a quick fix to make our space more presentable and spacious for all.

I started with re-arranging the boxes to resemble counter tables and then gathered my old curtains to use as drapes over the boxes. I simply wrapped the boxes with the curtains and flushed it all the way to the wall. Instant transformation, a good long stretch of extra counter space for the dining area where I places all those other things that we need in the dining but not necessarily has to be on the table. No need to throw all those big bulky boxes, making use of those as counter extension is one of the best re-invention I made here at home. =)

My next project will be the kitchen spice racks to keep our spices organized. I use a lot of different spices lately since I have been so much in the mood to cook and bake. Though I already got a spice rack I still need to get the jars for that which makes me think of checking other designs and if I happen to see one like a wall spice rack I might just ditched the spinning rack I have now. Perhaps after organizing spice racks I will check on wine holders too since I've got several bottles of wines also used for my cooking. Looks like in time I will need to have a bigger kitchen to get all my stuffs neat and orderly.

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8 Responses
  1. levian Says:

    those are boxes behind the blue clothes (curtains)?
    usually i use boxes to throw things into,
    covered them up n you won't see anything.
    but using it as counters is something new to me.
    i like your creativity!

  2. that's pretty neat. what a great idea to transform boxes to counter tables.

  3. Tekkaus Says:

    Nicely done. :D Yeah...it is a new idea for me. Perhaps I should use mine here as counters too.

  4. Mariuca Says:

    Hi Ayie, I have an Award for you at my blog, congrats and hugs!

  5. Mariuca Says:

    Sweetie!!! Thanks so much for the fridge magnet, I loooooove it and I was so surprised! :):):)

  6. Mariuca Says:

    You are the best for always remembering me, love ya! And big hugs! :):):)

  7. Mariuca Says:

    Thanks for the tip, I have to de-clutter my place first so many things he he... :D

  8. [SK] Says:

    oh, did you mean those blue thing by the wall?? wow, that's amazing to find out they are actually boxes!! i would have thot they are proper furnitures.. :)

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