I am not Chinese but as an architect I do incorporate some minor Feng Shui to my designs even if I am designing for non-Chinese clients. I admit that it's really hard to follow every single Feng Shui rule because in the end it tends to get on the way of the planning. Only practical rules get incorporated in my designs not unless as requested by clients then I have to comply.

Here are some notes about the power of plants and flowers in your home:
    1. Plants are auspicious from the point of feng shui. It is always good to grow plants in the house, especially wooded plants.
    2. Plants in the office also bring about increased luck in your career. Place plants in the east, south or south-east corners of your office for maximum luck.
    3. If you are a married couple and want children, avoid putting flowers in the bedroom. Instead, place a basket of fruits in your bedroom. Fruits, especially pomegranates, are a symbol of fertility.
    4. Don't place thorny plants inside your home. Thorny plants do form a protective shield, and could be placed outside the home. Don't place them too near the front door. They could be placed a little further away from the door, or in the balcony.
    5. Don't place bonsai plants inside or outside the home. They represent stunted growth.
    6. Trim your plants regularly. Overgrown plants promote bad energy. Similarly, trim trees in your garden regularly. Don't let them overwhelm your house.
    7. Fresh flowers bring luck and fortune in your home. Place fresh flowers in your living room on a regular basis. However, once they die, throw them out. Don't leave dying flowers in your home.
    8. Avoid placing dried flowers in your house. They are believed to bring misfortune. Artificial flowers are a far preferable option and are believed to bring luck.
    9. Do not place any flowers, plants or any other auspicious feng shui symbol in the bathroom. The good luck will backfire and turn into bad luck.
    10. Ever noticed lemons (nimbus) hanging on the entrances of shops? They are believed to ward off the evil eye, according to Hindu superstitious beliefs. Similarly, oranges and lemons are believed to be powerful symbols of fortune, and bring prosperity to the home. They should be placed at the entrance.
I use alternative ways if space restricts plants in certain areas like making use of window plant boxes. Not only that it has something to do with Feng Shui, adding some greens can make a place feel more "homey". Window flower boxes are great for fresh flowers all year round without having to worry much about space where to put it. Garden window boxes on the other hand do a good job for homes without much lawn space for their outdoor plants. Reinventing is a good way to do things with such restrictions and limitations.

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  1. [SK] Says:

    oh, i'm quite surprise that you know a little fengshui and incorporating that into your design.. that's cool!!

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