Do I miss working in an office and having a boss around? I asked this to myself a while ago and I it made me think.

There are pros and cons being employed but even if there are many advantages with this set-up I am very much happy being self-employed and working from home. Of course I am very much thankful to my former boss who trained me, he's a great boss and he taught me many important lessons in architecture and the business itself. He served as a solid foundation in my learning process, I won't be able to accomplish everything if I didn't get the chance to have that special training from his office.

I only worked in two offices right after graduating college. I first joined a team of electrical contractor and and structured cabling contractor in which I was deployed on site. I witnessed how a structure's being built in close range. It was a tough job being deployed in site because the comforts of going to a regular office building in the metro is way too incomparable. Although I admit I enjoyed this part of the job where I can much action but didn't love the stress. There's so much going on in a construction site.

My second employment was when I decided to leave for better Architecture practice. That's my last formal job employment before I started working freelance. Me and hubs knew what we wanted to do from the start that's why we challenged establishing our own architecture/design home business.

So do I miss being employed? Yes and no. Yes because my time routine was more fixed and I tend not to do much overtime. No because I love my family, the two boys in my life who are the most important of all. Working freelance gives me the opportunity to take care of my little baby and my dear husband. It also strengthens our hopes of being self sufficient in time, earning on our own being our own boss.

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2 Responses
  1. lina Says:

    I think it's always best to be your own boss. Good luck in your business Ayie!

  2. Mariuca Says:

    I think abt this too... of course I miss the good parts of working 9-5 but at the same time I love the freedom my freelancing work gives me...

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