...he wanted to check what mommy's packing...

Last year me and hubs were in the hospital for a sudden check up and unexpected check in because my water bag broke already. We never thought that same day I'll have to be admitted in the hospital, we went there without our hospital bags and just grabbed our woolrich jackets as we left home. I was 2wks ahead of my assumed delivery date but baby wanted to work his way out already so he stayed with mommy for 10 long hours and by 6:47am of February 1, he's finally made it out from my womb. That's one magical moment for me and hubs. Seeing our baby for the first time and holding him on our arms. Just thinking about the memories of that day makes me smile.

...baby on our luggage!...

We're all set to go for a 3wk vacation in my home country with baby of course on Monday night, the 31st. We were hoping baby can celebrate his birthday in the Philippines but unfortunately the timezone alone makes it all impossible so baby will literally celebrate his first birthday with me and hubs in the plane. Hopefully I can grab a cake even just a slice for us to have there on flight. By the time we touch the grounds of Philippines it will be February 2 already.

...baked penne, glass noodles, garlic cheese bread, roasted chicken...

Right now I am just taking the time to relax a bit before retiring to bed. I have been working double time here at home with the luggage, works, house chores and baby. I also had to do advanced cooking for baby's pre-birthday celebration for tomorrow with my in-laws. It will be a very busy day for us having to go to baby's doctor appointment first then preparing for the birthday feast here at home and soon after everybody leaves I will have to double check our luggage and finish up packing things. I still have to ready all the clothes we'll have to wear also for our flight. Hubs wants to wear his favorite levis 501 and I've got to make sure his dear Levis will be ready =)
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2 Responses
  1. Anya Says:

    Please don´t forget
    you need also time for relaxing !!!!!

  2. Tekkaus Says:

    So tomorrow 1st February, Baby J will turn one? Awesome. Send my regards to him. :p

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