What is your preference when it comes to buying a car? Brand new or used?

We've got nothing against buying a new car given the money but due to practicality we are open in getting used cars. A new car is definitely more expensive (way a lot more) than used one. You can save much more with used cars though you have to be careful on your choices, some used cars can actually eat up more costs if you get a run down condition which will require so much maintenance. In general sense used cars meets affordability for most people compared to a new one 2x or 3x its price.

Speaking of which, a used car dealer in Tampa has wide selection of cars in much affordable prices. Imagine yourself driving around with a Chrysler Sebring without burning a hole in your wallet. That's easy $10k more or less savings for you compared to buying a new one. A big amount of money that can be used for something else.

Nowadays it's better to go for more practical options with things, tough times call for such measures. The battle between used cars and new cars could be a tough deal for some people but for us affordability is rather much preferred. Getting used car doesn't mean old and needing so much maintenance and repairs, finding the right one from certified places can actually guarantee quality. With the right knowledge and better judgment you still can get yourself a good car in half the price of a new one. Probably the best deal you can ever have.

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5 Responses
  1. levian Says:

    i agree, the luxury things always tend to attract us more,
    but staying practical is what last.
    n besides, a car value started to drop the moment we purchase it.
    investors always say, its best to buy a house/land than a car.

  2. lina Says:

    I prefr brand new car. Although used car can be of very good value for those looking bargains.

  3. blee Says:

    ya, I prefer brand new car.

  4. Tekkaus Says:

    It is better to get a used car from someone who you know. :D Then you will be assured of the quality of the used car.

  5. [SK] Says:

    my preference on a car?? definitely that will be a FREE car!! haha~~ :p

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