We received an invitation to a woodworking exhibit in Vegas but unfortunately we couldn't make it. First of all mommy won't ever leave baby just to attend that event and aside from that we have works to deal with and Vegas is too far from here too. It could've been a very good experience and exposure for us but attending it would mean sacrificing many things.

Lucky enough that we were given a magazine regarding the event showing all the exhibits and vendors participating. It's definitely a very good event and for sure we'll be amazed with the things that we'll see there. Looking at the whole set-up of the event place alone from the magazine aroused our interest. The trade show flooring was set up extra special with overlays of logo mats for the participating exhibitors, not the ordinary trade show carpet that you get too see in most events. There's a perfect woodwork touch with the logo canopy which greets everybody as you enter the venue.

There will be other events in the future and maybe next time we can all go and at the same time enjoy Vegas too. We're time and budget restricted right now because of our upcoming overseas trip too next week. I still need to finish packing up our luggage and that alone needs good time to make sure we're not forgetting anything. We might have missed the exhibit but no regrets, we've got some better priorities to do first.

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