Me and hubs accepted the fact that we will be stuck in our apartment for this year and maybe another year more.  It all depends if finances and opportunity come knocking on our doors.  For the meantime I have been doing a lot of innovative measures to keep our tiny apartment in good condition for all our needs.  Just yesterday I installed a closet light to our home office area.  Since the living room is poorly lighted at night, having just one lampshade on the other end isn't sufficient to keep the entire work area comfortably lighted.  Making use of a closet light is just an innovation, it's simple, easy to install and also very affordable.

Last month I was too busy working and re-arranging our bedroom.  I allotted a mini play area for baby so he can have his own space and feel free to explore on his own whenever he likes.  I have converted his crib into a train station since he's not really sleeping in it.  I also made use of bed risers to accommodate some storage space under the bed.  This truly gave us some stretch with our organization deals.  I was able to somehow de-clutter and move things under the bed and still have plenty of space to finish off the rest of my clean-up.

I am now focused fixing up the kitchen.  I arranged some pots where it should belong and added some racks to add storage for plates and other canisters.  I had to keep my wooden spice rack since it feels a bit on the bulky side and I want more space as much as possible.  I was able to use some small spice racks within the kitchen counter corner to accommodate some of the major spices I used on my day to day cooking.  I am still looking for a simple wall spice rack which can hold all my other spice jars in one place without having to consume anymore counter or cupboard space.  Just like what I got for our kitchen knife organizer, instead of the common counter stand type I had something like a wall mounted one.  It's great because it's not easy for baby to reach things from the wall even if he grabs a chair. I eliminated the unsightly counter tiles by concealing it with vinyl sheets, it worked like magic!

I don't have photos to show the kitchen right now and even the room or our office area, maybe when everything is more fixed up then I can take good documentation and take a lot of photos.  I just wonder when will I ever truly finish with all the improvements that I want to do here at home.....
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