It is nice to have a gracious limit on your credit card but abusing the use can result to debt beyond your paying capacity. There are times when there's a need to use the credit card and it's okay but always be mindful of your usage. It is best to pay off everything the soonest possible time rather than paying it on a monthly basis. This way you won't be paying interest which can add up to big amount in the long run. Of course not all the time you can pay off everything, this is when you can make full use of your credit card.

What happens when you over used your credit card to a point in which you are in big struggle already just to pay it off? Serious debt like this can take years to pay for some people. Just imagine how much money you are losing with the monthly interest payments, you could've been saving that amount already for something else. Worse case scenario is that you can no longer keep up with your payments and having yourself buried in debt. This will hurt your credit status or credibility, bad credit score will be reflected to your account and it's not a good thing.

One way is to find a way to have a credit repair. It all starts with you, given the right advice about credit repair process it's not impossible to work your way to credit restoration. Cleaning a bad credit can be a tough job but there's always a fix for it, you just need to know the best credit repair service that will suit you. The process will still involve money of course, you'd still have to pay off your debt. If you can work your way even to slowly catch up with your payments then i will be good for you. Another thing to be mindful of is your credit card use, if you're already struggling to pay off your debts then it is best to stop using your credit card. Live by your means until you have cleared yourself from your debt.

There's nothing wrong in using credit cards but being mindful of the use can save you from bigger responsibilities in the long run.
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