Finding the time to work right infront of the computer is hard when you have a baby.  Everything has to be by the baby's schedule. You can only do as much things whenever the baby is resting or playing on his own.  Having a laptop is quite an advantage if you want to do something online or any other works as compared to desktop.  You can be mobile with the laptop and can actually work wherever the baby wants to stay.  That's something you really can't do with the desktop as you are compromised with using it wherever it is located.  

Laptops are valuable and expensive piece of electronic that's why proper care must be exercised when using one.  Proper laptop storage is a must to avoid the kids from getting it or damaging it.  Some kids most especially the young ones can be so grabby at times wanting to reach everything, one nasty fall is all it takes to break a laptop apart.  Little fiddler would always want to touch and press buttons and worse when they want to use their little feet to do it, they simply love to stand and step on anything!  Having a laptop cart can save your laptop from such abuse.  Laptop carts have special storage designed to keep laptops in for safekeeping.  This way you wouldn't have to worry about the curious little monkeys at home wanting to play with your precious gadget.
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  1. Tekkaus Says:

    Sounds like a must have for me since I have 2 babies terrorizing my home. :p

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