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It's tax time once again and we're proud to say that we've already accomplished our tax deals.  Last year was pretty rough with us having to pay instead of having some returns.  It's understandable since we're just rolling out our home office for the first tax year.  This year on the other hand, we're having some returns.  It feels good because we can tell also that our business has improved from previous year.  As usual we do our taxes in San Francisco through Milu's Tax.

There are other means of preparing taxes, some people can even do it on their own through online tax kits.  Community libraries also offer free tax help, it is conducted on a yearly basis.  There are also many offices which conduct tax preparation services but of course it's not free.These offices use the expertise of an enrolled agent who has taken and passed the ea exam in order to be able to work on tax preparations in a higher level.

We prefer to go to Milu since we get the personal kind of service, all that's needed is an appointment and we're set for the date.  She knows all our tax deals which makes it easier for us for the business.  Over the convenience of doing it ourselves here at home online or in nearby tax offices, going all the way to San Francisco is far more favorable for us.  We normally would go to a special place to complete our outing for the day and that alone is a bonus already.
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  1. Tekkaus Says:

    Aww...it is always better to go to someone you are familiar with right? :D

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