The advancement in technology these days is exceptional.  So many things people get to discover which were thought to be things of the future.  This kind of reminds me of the movie Wall-E wherein people live through the aid of technology.  The plot was very futuristic, everybody was living in a space shuttle providing them the most comfort and convenience life has to offer.  It may sound too good to be true but technology gave ridiculously awful comfort for all to a point that people didn't even know how to walk anymore.  Since birth babies were fed by robots and given certain program to cater all their needs all the way til they grow up.  Unfortunately they were taken cared of too much that they sat all their lives.  

Amazing isn't it what technology can bring to us.  Apparently our world is already entering that phase wherein people rely heavily on the use of technology.  Mobile phones nowadays are even capable of voice prompt commands, computer getting smaller in a form of tablets, cars with added cruise controls and such.  It's not surprising to see anymore that people will be more or less hands free doing their day to day tasks in the future.  Way before like years ago it seems too much to think about but we clearly see evidence of the innovations technology brings to us.

Whatever happened to the old fashioned internet service like dial up?  Before dsl even came to be known, dial up was the best thing ever before.  Being able to connect to the internet was like a breakthrough before.  Now it's nothing because being connected is practically part of most people's lives, there's no going back to the basics.  Speedy connection is what people crave for now, no more beeping dialing sounds and few more minutes waiting for the internet to be connected. This is just a simple example of how technology has evolved, the advancement that this modern age has to offer. 
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