We're torn between getting a mini mac or another quad core pc, both are powerful machines and capable for our architectural programs.  One big factor is the price, we all know how pricey mac units can be whereas my husband assembles computers as his hobby.  That alone is big savings right there and he can even make it with the best components inside.  Having said this you can tell we have more advantage with a pc, but why think twice?

Well, there's a certain versatility of mac when it comes to client impression here.  We know that it's not about showing off in order for you to sell your service, expertise is highly regarded above all.  Though admit it sometimes impression can sell you more.  With this kind of business, being on top of the game is a must.  But again that's not all to consider.  We're also after the convenience of having out platform open to the tech market, mac on the other hand is more restricted with everything.  You can find things like video converter for mac (like ipad video converter), dvd ripper for mac, etc. but that won't be enough to convince us to get one.

To buy something is so easy but to find the right buy for your needs sometimes needs more thought and not just plain impulse.  Bigger purchase like this must be weighed with the pros and cons, it will be your work partner so it has to be the best for your use.  Just like us being torn with the two, we won't rush so not to have any regrets later on.

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  1. Tekkaus Says:

    Of course I will go for a pc anytime. Mac is more like a novelty more than for practicality. :p

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