Money is getting tighter these days, of course no one will just give it to you as if it grows on trees.  Though life is not all about money and any other material things, in reality we need it all for our existence and comfort as well.  Like me who runs a home office I honestly would say I don't get paid as much as any regular employment.  If any it is more like a part time job rate to compare with.  For us it's nothing to complain about.  Being self-sufficient is a better milestone than just working behind the desk of somebody else's office.  We might not afford much luxury of things but living by our means isn't bad at all.  

There are several ways to cut down on expenses, simple things that can make a big difference in your way of living.  Say for instance dining out over home cooking.  How much do you usually pay per head for a meal or even if you get a family meal how much does it usually cost?  On average it will be around $10-20 depending on where you eat and that amount alone can be used for a day's worth of meals for the family.  That's savings right there!  Cutting down on your dining out frequency will greatly improve your budget and in our case, it means healthier eating too.

Money saving can be better observed at home, reading through home energy efficiency tips can help do the trick when it comes to utility bills.  To lessen water bills make sure you don't let the tap running while brushing teeth, instead use a cup.  For washing dishes it's ideal to have a basin to hold water for rinsing or soaking.  Gas and electric bills can also be reduced by securing all windows and doors with proper seals.  This will improve the efficiency of the heating or cooling system of the house and also lower your bill.  You may also seek for a home energy audit to see if your home has efficient energy system. These people are professionally trained to inspect and see what they can do to help you implement cost effective measures to reduce your utility bills.  Though this might cost you at first but in the long run after having the home insulation contractors work on your problem areas, it can save you more in the future.

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