...pierogi garlic and herbs in mushroom & asparagus sauce...

Aside from designing, my other passion is cooking.  I have been cooking since I was a kid and thanks to my mom and grandma who taught me what is cooking all about.  Though I don't have as much time as before to prepare meals, I try to reinvent recipes and make an easier and quicker preparation.  I am not the type to follow recipe books in the first place, I always just browse and see a certain recipe that I don't know about and then do it how I want it.

Over the years I have designed several establishments like resorts, hotels and bar & restaurant.  Of course not the big ones but still my gear is towards that path aside from residential planning.  My college thesis is actually a combination of all having it as a SPA hotel and resort.  It would be nice if me and bes can really put this thesis into reality, it's like one of our ultimate dream.

If only putting up such business is as easy as baking a cake, then we'll have no problems at all.  Seriously it is not as easy as it seems, such establishment would require generous amount of time, effort, money and work.  This doesn't discourage us at all, we are still positive about fulfilling our dream in the future.  Who knows if one day we'll be in need of hotel supplies & restaurant supply for our dream spa resort.  

Given that planning and design will be very much handled easily, all we need is to find resort supplies & catering supplies for the operations.  Me and bes will be checking out PeachSuite hospitality supply to get all the necessary equipment we'll need.  I know you're reading this bes, it's sure nice to dream huh?  I Know we'll make something happen in the future, big or small it doesn't really matter as long as we'll do it together!

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