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Every year my husband's officemate goes to Boston and sends postcards from there. It's been an office tradition to send some memorabilia to places each one visits. Whenever I go to their office I will see the postcards all lined up hanging on one particular wall in the production / work area.

I checked what they have in Boston and to my surprise so many nice places to see for those who wish to visit. I found this article when I googled for yahoo travel in Boston:

"Boston was, until 1755, the biggest city in America; as the one most directly affected by the latest whims of the British Crown, it was the natural birthplace for the opposition that culminated in the Revolutionary War. Numerous evocative sites from that era are preserved along the Freedom Trail through downtown. Since then, however, Boston has in effect turned its back on the sea. As the third busiest port in the British Empire (after London and Bristol), it stood on a narrow peninsula. What is now Washington Street provided the only access by land, and when the British set off to Lexington in 1775 they embarked in ships from the Common itself. During the nineteenth century, the Charles River marshlands were filled in to create the posh Back Bay residential area. Central Boston is now slightly set back from the water, separated by the hideous John Fitzgerald Expressway that carries I-93 across downtown. The city has been working on routing the traffic underground and disposing of this eyesore (a project a decade in the making known as "the Big Dig"), though the monumental task won't likely be completed before 2004, much to the frustration of locals."

That explains the very pleasant architecture shown below too =)

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images c/o yahoo travel

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16 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    You've picked out some beautiful photos to show us Boston!

    What a great post, Ayie!

  2. Ayie Says:


    I was also stunned by the nice photos. It felt like I was being teased to go there =P Thanks Icy!

  3. RNSANE Says:

    My father was from Waltham, MA ( my mother was from Mississippi - perhaps that is why the marriage didn't last ) and I used to visit for a couple of weeks every summer when I was in nursing school. After I graduated, I lived a few years in the area. I loved its history and the New England coast...and the first snowfall...but didn't really like the winters.

  4. Tekkaus Says:

    Wow...Boston oh boston o! :p I love the last picture of the tree. The greeneries are so lush. :D

  5. lina Says:

    I'd love to spend time at the park (in the last photo). Lush and green.

    That's a great tradition at your Hubs office.

  6. Ayie Says:


    I don't think distance can dictate whether a marriage can work or not but it will be a tough ride. Me and hubs came from both ends of the world, met in one place and been apart for years.

    Same here I will just love the sight of snow but I don't think I'll enjoy it as much as summer =)

  7. Ayie Says:


    That specific photo truly captured my eyes. So inviting, eh?

  8. Ayie Says:


    It is a lovely place to travel to

  9. Ayie Says:


    I also like their tradition, it's like sharing their vacation with everybody =)

  10. Mariuca Says:

    I fell in love with Boston when I visited it many years ago! :)

  11. Mariuca Says:

    I especially love your last picture, awesome! :)

  12. shaahah Says:

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  13. Anonymous Says:

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