Have you heard about YouSayToo?

Okay listen up for those who are interested (like me, hehe) about increasing your blog's readership and get a little extra from your ads through ad revenue sharing. I came across this YouSayToo site where bloggers can add their sites and make additional revenue from Google Adsense and Amazon ads, at the same time increase readership. It also has the option for you to start your own blog there. Once you have added your blog there then all entries will be imported to YouSayToo blog. It's like a community of blogs where your site in particular will be exposed there on their system making it possible for a higher traffic.

Well that's as far as I know right now, I haven't gone too deep and really checked everything. Just thinking it's nice to share about this for those who might be interested. I know not everybody "monetize" through their blogs just merely enjoying writing and sharing their thoughts, some take the opportunity blogging for money and some do both. So for those who want to know more on how to make money blogging just check it out. Hope this can help.

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24 Responses
  1. levian Says:

    that reminds me, i used to post advertisements in my blog, n remove them soon after since it kinda make the blog load slower, or the advertisement fail to load when the line is slow, etc. it happens so often around here. the site does sound useful to those who wanted to monetize their blog! :)

  2. lina Says:

    Sounds interesting. Maybe I'll check it out too. :)

  3. Cherry Says:

    i am keen about the blogvertise Betchai introduced me sometime ago. gotta email her and explore how to earn while blogging. ;)

  4. roentare Says:

    Fun to read your post here.

    Coins can be very thought provoking to look at

  5. [SK] Says:

    hmmm, i've never thought of using my blog to generate money, haha!! unless one day my page hits can go more than 100K per day, then i might consider.. anyway, that's too far a dream for me :p

  6. fufu Says:

    yeah unless your blog is interesting... otherwise it's hardly to make big money ><

  7. Superman Says:

    Haha. I already give up looking for how to make money by blogging. Just concerntrate on writing my blog as the revenue generated for the ads I posted is so low after a year. Hehe.

  8. Tekkaus Says:

    And I have signed up for it too. :p

  9. Ayie Says:


    But many M'sian bloggers I know are ok with their connection and page loading even with ads.

  10. Ayie Says:


    I am also quite intrigued with this so i will pass the checking to my dear husband! hehe

  11. Ayie Says:


    Just sign up for BV and from there you explore. betchai also shared that to me and it works.

  12. Ayie Says:


    Hehehe thought provoking indeed! That's the best image I can think of to fit this post.

  13. Ayie Says:


    As long as you enjoy what you are doing and that really doesn't matter if you just simply blog or earn something from it.

  14. Ayie Says:


    You have to have a good page rank to be able to rake in good advertisers. It's really nothing that big but something extra in the long run but some pro bloggers really earn big bucks. I know a few.

  15. Ayie Says:


    I don't really manage the monetizing part with the ads so I don't really fret about it. It's slow =P

  16. Ayie Says:


    You are really making a career with your blog! Goodluck!

  17. levian Says:

    it could be only me then. :)

  18. Donna Says:

    hmm.. don't want my blog to be too much ppl reading..
    hahaha.. now is just nice.. XD

  19. I'm thinking about this site, too, but there is not enough time in a day to do everything!

  20. Ayie Says:


    Many M'sians complain about the internet connection there so I think it's not just you =)

  21. Ayie Says:


    Whatever makes you happy donna =P

  22. Ayie Says:


    You're absolutely right with the time, I want to do many things too but time won't permit me to. It seems like it's always short for the day.

  23. foongpc Says:

    Oh! I've already signed up for this! Thanks for sharing anyway! : )

  24. Ayie Says:


    How it works foong? I haven't signed up and fully checked it. hehe

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