Yesterday something weird happened in the car, FIL told us that he checked the back side of the driver's seat carpet and it's soaking wet. I honestly don't know how it got wet and even hubs was left thinking what could've happened. It's really weird for that unlikely part to be soaked considering the water container we always carry in the car is always on the other side and we even checked the lid, tightly closed. I ended up cleaning it out, squeezing out the water using rags. I think my hands got numb after all the squeezing, the water was really ice cold. The most that i can think is (if water didn't really spill there) that the underpart might be needing new undercoating, could've been damaged with a big bump since it's lowered. Who knows? We'll just be checking it later. If that's the case then it makes sense why it's wet since last Sunday we drove on very wet roads, it was a rainy night even last Monday.

Car maintenance is a must not only to fix problems but to keep the car in healthy condition just like our bodies. Just like the saying, prevention is better than cure. May your car be old or new, this doesn't excuse you to from taking care of it. I believe it will take care of us as long as we take care of it too. Makes sense right? Making sure everything's in order and working well in the engine, break, fan belt, timing belt, radiator, oil filter... all those have to be well maintained. Tires must always have the right pressures too, it will make the drive smoother and gas usage can depend on that too. It doesn't matter if your car is a Ford Expedition, Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Nissan, BMW or Volkswagen, cars are cars. They all must have their "check-ups" too. Having a well maintained car also prevents us from spending more with future damages and the inconvenience of having it in the shop for repair.

...photos were taken using my camera phone 09-30-07, office greenhills Philippines...

note: for San Francisco auto repair, you may check here.

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11 Responses
  1. betchai Says:

    hi Ayie, thanks so much for the greetings. yes, i agree with you, car maintenance is really a must if we want to be safe and also want our car to last longer.

  2. I need to confess that I don't understand much about cars! LOL
    This red car is fabulous! :)
    Merry Christmas!
    God bless you and all your family

  3. CH Voon Says:

    please dont tell me that this is what santa claus give ur present

    Merry Christmas to you and Your family :)

  4. Tekkaus Says:

    Agreed Ayie. Especially before any long trip. So are you enjoying your X'mas? :p

  5. levian Says:

    very true, it is wise to have a maintenance n servicing done every now n then to ensure that nothing went wrong with the car especially when needed. :)

  6. Ayie Says:


    Very true and this can save us from a big repair in time if something fails all of a sudden due to lack of maintenance.

  7. Ayie Says:


    That's a Ferrari =P

  8. Ayie Says:

    CH Voon,

    I would love if Santa gives me this car! haha!

  9. Ayie Says:


    Taking some time to rest even for a while =)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, I love this site for the estimate costs of repair because I'll know ahead how much it may end up costing.

  11. Ayie Says:


    I saw how much you love it. My FIL does the checking and maintenance stuffs. He has a friend who has mechanic repair shop so that saves us too.

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