Rain chains are great addition to give a rustic appeal to any garden.  It has been used by the Japanese even before as alternatives to downspouts.  During earlier times, rain water is collected and stored intended for household usage.  A rain chain aids in transporting the rainwater for easier collection. 

Regular downspouts look plain and simple, if any it is better concealed than exposed.  Unlike rain chains which are decorative in design, it is very much ideal to have it as a water feature.  It is usually made of metal cups with holes in the bottom chained together in which where the rain water runs from a roof gutter.  Some rain chains are used as a stand alone water feature in garden, not necessarily mounted on a roof or to a gutter.

It is quite calming to see and hear the flowing water through the chains.  Sometimes during the cold winter season when temperature drops it is even more pleasant looking through the frozen chains rain water.  It's like glistening icicles in the middle of the frosty garden.  Whether it is running water or frozen as ice, it adds a certain charm to any space. 

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