Last year was quite a ride for me and hubs when it comes to our jobs. His hours at work were high and low, there were months when they had more time and some months really low. It's been tough but there's really nothing to complain about, we're even thankful that he still has regular work and that's more important during this hard time. Our business helps big time in compensating the loss in his work hours, we can proudly say that our business has grown and improved since we first started. The return is actually equivalent to a part time work outside, something we can really be proud of. It feels good that our hard work is paying off and all we can wish for is for the business be more stable this year and the coming years.

This year we'll be focusing more on our business and try to open more opportunities on the side. As for our architecture and design business we plan to do more small business marketing strategies to kind of boost and advertise more. Having the business properly marketed and advertised can promote better local search opportunity, little step to make things better. Making use of some advertising support platform like RevLocal can very much help target our advertising goals. As an online marketing solutions provider, it has the expertise of putting the business to be highly searchable. RevLocal will continuously update and enhance the business listing with specific information essential to increase exposure and making sure the business stays current with search engines. This way we wouldn't have to do the work ourselves which requires much efforts to keep submitting our sites to local pages.

We're hoping for things to improve more this year so we can push thru with our other plans. Some of which are the house hunting and more future family travels for us. Little by little, one step at a time and we believe there will be more light with our goals for this year.

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