Me and hubs have a tv favorite every weekday evening, The Big Bang Theory.  At first we didn't pay attention to the show as it replaced one of our evening programs.  Not long enough I started getting curious because there's nothing really much to see and somehow a certain commercial attracted my attention.  I started watching it and later on hubs was hooked on it already.  We love it, it's funny and it's not the usual "non-sense" program on your everyday tv program.  We watch it everyday since then and even baby loved it whenever the opening music plays, he usually dances with it.  Of course we try our best to keep baby busy with something else because there are some scenes and word not suitable for our little one.

Every character has their own wit and charm but Sheldon undeniably performs his character really well.  It's always funny too how Rajesh and Howard try so hard to attract women.  They will always come up with certain skits and dialogues whenever they try to hit on a girl though most of the time they fail.  Rajesh somehow manages to work his way whenever he drinks some alcohol, his "mutism" disorder with ladies seems to disappear in an instant.  Lenard however makes us laugh when he puts up with Sheldon, only him knows Sheldon best among all of them aside of course from Penny.

How hard is it really to attract women?  Well it depends and the funniest way to know is to keep watching the super geeks of The Big Bang Theory.  What makes the show unique is that it's not all about sexuality and social issues, there are a lot of facts and theories being stated which are actually quite impressive.  I'm not sure if you'll like it too but worth giving it a try, you just might.

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  1. Pete Says:

    Sound interesting......I thought it is a Physics documentary....lol!

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