I love going out and bargain hunting in the mall or even just to stroll around and window shop. That's what I do a lot before when I didn't have a baby yet, now it's a totally different story. Going out even just to do a simple grocery, go to the post office or pick up mails can be hard, it all depends on my little boy's mood. There are times when he's on the go but once he feels like staying home and tired from all our playtime outdoors, I have to stay put and attend to him here at home. Compromised is the proper word to say, my time is very much compromised now and I can't just do things whenever I want and go wherever I wish to.

Don't get me wrong because I am not complaining, I am simply stating the facts why I embrace now online sopping. If before I can be all over anytime and still manage to juggle my work all together, now it's all about our boy and work whenever possible. It helps a lot to sop online for things most especially my groceries, I get to have things I need without going to the stores and spending a good hour to finish. Even baby's diaper supply I buy it online. It's way cheaper with a 15% discount plus free shipping, I can even decide whenever I want it shipped and how often. Very convenient huh?!

I do admit missing the fun of checking racks and aisles of goods looking for the best deals but even if I get to go to the malls and groceries, baby doesn't have all the patience in the world to ride in the cart and shop with mommy for so long. At least doing my online shopping gives me more freedom to check things without much pressures of having to rush because baby's getting fussy already. I do it here at home comfortably, with that I manage to get also the best deals using online coupons, discounts and all. One site which I love watching out for deals is nomorerack.com, they always have great items with huge discounts almost 75-90% off. Imagine that! If you are lucky enough (actually fast enough) to grab their deal of the day, you can get expensive items for merely fraction of its price.

There are many other sites where I love to shop but for mere fun of waiting for greatly discounted deals I go to nomorerack. Shipping is very reasonable for only $2 per item and if I were to pay for shipping this price is definitely a winner. What's cool on this site is your eligibility of grabbing free items and friend deals. It may be hard to get particular products you wish to see in their deals but you can always find something else. I can't complain with their prices, you can hardly find those items with the same price in stores unless you wait for some black Friday or cyber Monday deals.

No more tiring walks, long lines and time consuming sorting when you do things online, I get so save my time and energy to have more time to focus with our little boy and relax a bit too. I guess those are enough reasons for me to love doing most of my shopping online.
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