It's been a warm winter this year.  It's surprisingly warm enough for me and baby to be out and about without having the need to use our car.  On a really sunny day we usually stroll around the neighborhood and walk our way to the park.  Not much windy days too which gives the chill even on a hot sunny day.  

We particularly like going to Morgan Park because baby loves to play around the artificial rocks by the playground.  He would weave through the spaces and climb on to the biggest rock then start running around again.  Quite a workout for mommy to keep following him around, definitely not safe to let baby play unsupervised around those big rocks. 

Not only that we get to enjoy the park, going back home is also quite a sight.  We love passing by a very nice rental home with outdoor bamboo furniture, we get to enjoy a little break from the long and tiring walk.  Their outdoor sitting makes me feel a lot like home remembering our "bahay kubo" or nipa hut at the roof deck where we used to hang out and sing some karaoke.

If we were to have our own house here for sure we will get some of those outdoor furniture for the patio or garden.  Bamboo furniture gives a more homey feeling with an Asian touch of style therefore it's a winner for us.  Backyard X-scapes has great outdoor furnishing solutions which meets our taste.  The bamboos and other outdoor decorations are remarkably impressive for its price.  We've got the place to get our outdoor furnishings so all we need to have next is our own house to furnish and decorate.
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  1. betchai Says:

    oh, your baby boy is so cute ayie, yes, let us enjoy our warm winter right now, though I am missing the rain and snow in the mountains. thanks for the greeting card, Ayie. Hope all is well, and happy weekend to you and your family.

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