Car maintenance surely can cost you a lot of money and the thing is, you need to get it done.  You can only prolong the repairs for a bit but sooner it has to be attended or else it could mean more trouble.  You can't mess around with cars or else your safety could be at risk.  That's what we had to deal with our old little datsun, we sent it for repairs and maintenance few weeks ago.  It was rather untimely having no set budget for it at the moment so we had to rely on our other resources. It's all done now and it's running good, sending it for repairs right away was the right thing to do.

Having spare budget just for car stuff is ideal so in any case there's a need for emergency repairs you will always have something to use.  Using your normal day to day or monthly budget might feel quite heavy though you can just work on adjusting your spending for the month to make up for it.  Using credit card can also be an option most especially for bigger expenses.  In any case that you're really dry with your budget there are small loan options online which offers up to $1k in a jif.  

Little Payday specializes in small personal loans with quick and easy assessment and processing.  It's all online so it's very convenient, simply fill out the online form and submit.  Make sure you have the necessary personal, financial and employment information on hand prior to submitting your application.  Once you get approved your funds can be expected to be deposited directly to your bank account.  Sounds like a lifesaver in case of extreme need, definitely worth checking.

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