One of the many reasons why I haven't been updating our blogs and blog hopping is because I've been working on little by little our online thrift store.  Yup, we're launching our first online store which will have new and gently used items.  Since I've always been into business as a kid I think it's about time to give it a kick again.  Deciding on having it online is a better option for several reasons:  no need to pay for a store rental, setting up a shop requires so much work & time, and best of all I can still attend to our boy without having to sacrifice my time.  Having it online will be less stressful and more practical therefore we're really not losing anything by trying, in fact we'll be gaining experience from it.

The past 2 years I have been collecting and sorting things to include in our online store.  As far as merchandise count we have a good number of items both new and used.  I'll be focusing on selling here in US for the meantime so I can offer more free shipping or less shipping rates, unless somebody is really interested to purchase it internationally then I will figure out how I can do it without making the client pay too much on shipping.  I have taken some photos of a few merchandise and I just need to keep working on the site.  Our items will be linked to ebay for easier purchasing and payment.  

After all the works were done for the site then we'll proceed on getting affordable seo services to help improve search-ability of our site.  This way the probability of the site being exposed and visited will be much higher than just letting it sit alone.  I don't think I can handle much of the marketing because I am still doing other things so a little help can really be good.  This will just be a start of our online store, me and my bestfriend plan to do it also in the Philippines through her.  I will provide the merchandise from here, mostly brand name items in demand there.  One step at a time, no rush on things but we'll get there too.  For now the launch of our "thrifty means shop" is the current priority.

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