Baby is almost turning 2, roughly 2wks left and our little boy will be celebrating his birthday.  Up to now I can't decide what to do because the weather is changing and looks like it will be raining later on.  Having it over at the park is the best option but that is if the weather permits.  It is very ideal if the place can be big enough for the kids to play but also safe without us parents having to tail them every second.  

It can really be nice if we can have a sunny day at the park on a weekend because it's the more affordable way to do it.  Play area is free and there is no time limit,not even the picnic tables have to be paid.  We simply need to bring food and invite our guests, that's it.  Since I am not quite sure how will the weather be I am really trying to look for party places with play area for kids.  I don't think it's practical to rent a place without a play area, the kids will just be bored that way.  It will require more work on my behalf having to haul in toys for them to be busy about though it can be an option.

I am checking out The Jungle Fun where we used to go play indoor, they do cater birthday parties and it includes unlimited play time.  I think that alone is worth the pay already even if the birthday room has specific time.  Considering we have toddlers to attend to it's expected for us to carry bags and other things which will make it uncomfortable chasing them around.  One thing that's good in this place is their lockers.  The place has metal lockers available for visitors' use.  That way parents can be more hands free and can just focus on watching over our kids.  Since no shoes policy there, shoes are collected and placed in the wood lockers at the reception. 

I need to do a lot of thinking with hubs over the weekend and from there we will decide.  We have to keep checking the weather forecast so we can plan things accordingly.  Time flies so so so fast, our little boy is about to blow 2 candles on his cake pretty soon.  Kids really do grow up so fast!  Better enjoy every second and every moment possible and make memories to remember in time.
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