What do you do when somebody else's mail was accidentally placed in your own mailbox?  This happened to us many times, since we're living in an apartment complex people share cluster mailboxes.  Given all the mails the mailman has to handle it's understandable if he'll have few mistakes from time to time.  In some cases, mails of previous tenant were not updated and unfortunately lands in ours.  

So many times we handed over to the manager those "misplaced" mails but there were times when that same mail keeps coming back to our auth florence mailbox, I just simply put it in the outgoing mail slot for the mailman to collect again.  I think I've done that 2-3 times already and the mail never came back.  The post office must have tagged it as returned, it's better that way so we're not held liable for any of those stray mails.

That's the only deal with florence mailboxes, it's usually a whole unit of multiple boxes.  Some mails might be misplaced and if someone doesn't care or doesn't know what to do, it might end up in their trash.  I hope none of our mails were accidentally placed in other unit's box, some people here don't really interact with their neighbors and if they happen to get it,they might just think it's a spam mail. 

Speaking of mails, I need to finish the bill that we have to mail out to our client.  Ciao for now, there's a good pile of mails waiting for me to be sorted. 
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