Back home I used to play scrabble with our neighbors. It's something we get to do on Fridays or weekends gathering in our hang out place. Someone's in-charge of the dictionary to check some words that we're unsure of. It was pretty basic before but later on somebody acquired an electronic dictionary (word checker) and it was very handy while we're playing. No more flipping pages to check some words, just type it in and it will be checked automatic.

Fun days for us is over, looks like it will be our kids who will be hanging out and having fun once we all reunite. The kids will probably use Bee English Dictionary, a free online dictionary where they can refer to. Looks like our old ways won't be embraced by the new generation and will prefer online dictionary. Well it doesn't really matter as long as they will have fun.
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4 Responses
  1. wenn Says:

    always useful to own a dictionary.

  2. Diane AZ Says:

    I like word games but had never heard of Bee Dictionary, thanks for the tip, I like it!

  3. i use the online mw dictionary from time to time too.

  4. [SK] Says:

    yeah, we don't have to carry huge heavy dictionary nowadays.. i already have one in my phone which comes in so handy..

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