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It's interesting how a common shrub played a big role in naming a once small town in 1938 which eventually flourished and later became a city in 1957. I'm talking about Waxmyrtle (Myrica Cerifera), commonly grown as a dense hedge which serves as natural landscape screening. It is also known as bayberry or candleberry because its fruit's waxy pale blue covering is used to make fragrant candles. This plant is very flammable which can ignite in a flash in a fire.

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Myrtle Beach was named after the Waxmyrtle plant which is abundant in the area. Myrtle has become a tourist spot where people come to enjoy wide stretch of beach resorts in Myrtle Beach, the Atlantic Ocean, great seafood, shopping and golfing. Time paved the way to development with the added numbers of visitors locally and abroad, lodging and Myrtle Beach hotel facilities took its course to provide better hospitality services to tourists.

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Myrtle is not only known for its white beaches but also for great golf courses. Golfing can be an alternative activity when the surf isn't your cup of tea. Playing few rounds of golf is enough to keep you occupied all day through. Most resorts offer beach and golf packages with wide range of online deals like http://avistaresort.com.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, this is interesting to know!

  2. Mariuca Says:

    I enjoyed the scenic view here today, thanks for the pics! :D

  3. [SK] Says:

    it really looks great in the photos.. you are going there for a vacation soon??

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