I was asked by my godmother to design her house for future upgrade. From a simple bungalow she plans to renovate and make it like a building where they can make use of the lower two floors for commercial purposes and the upper floor for their residential use.

I actually had a nearly complete design but an accident happened with the hard drive where it's saved. Hubs accidentally reformatted my entire drive and I lost everything. These designs here are not the originals of what I came up with but nearly the same. After that incident I reconstructed the design and worked again on massing and planning. Good thing I have the idea so concrete in my mind.

The incident had its pros and cons with the design. Having to redo it gave way to some improvements just at the expense of my time and effort. Even if I have everything by heart, the amount of work required to make such design and model isn't a joke. The image above is a study on how I can utilize the space without compromising aesthetics and natural lighting and ventilation. Placing window box planters softened the walls and gave depth to the walls for window provision.

The planning got a bit compromised with the spaces having so much in and out with the walls so I worked on another solution for my concerns. I took out the planters and just provided a ledge with a soft curve cut and instead provided just one small planter on the ground floor for a simple plant-scape. This is how far I've done since I lost the files. I was advised not to hurry with the design so I just left it as how it is. Once cued to resume then I'll be on the roll again.
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  1. Tekkaus Says:

    Looks so damn complicated to me. :D

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