I'm a sucker for reruns. hd satellite tv is great for reruns. My favorite show that will NEVER die is Seinfeld.
The characters are hillarious, especially the infamous Kramer who flails around Jerry Seinfeld's apartment, eating all of his food, and meets surprisingly famous celebrities during his escapades in New York.
All of the characters are great, though. Most fans relate to George Costanza more than the rest of the crew. George is a nervous, funny character who gets into troubling situations. In one show, he reggretably decides to eat an ecclair that he finds in a trash can. Someone spots him doing it. That's the premise for one episode, but its a humor than can only be done by the series creater Larry David.
While most other television shows have deep, complex plots, Seinfeld keeps it simple. Most episodes rely on quirky social happenings than irk the cast than some deeply elaborate plot that spans multiple episodes.
This show has a rabid fan-base, and many claim it will never die. If they keep running reruns I will watch it for the rest of my life.
Guest post written by Mikel Trevino
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  1. Tekkaus Says:

    I used to watch this. :D They are super hilarious.

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