I have been designing our future home over the years and up to now I'm still coming up with new ideas and input tweaks to the design. That's the fun part of being the architect of your own house, incorporating your ideals freely without having to pay any penny! Nothing's really final yet because I am torn between contemporary and Japanese theme. The last that I schemed had more of Japanese features but never really streamlined the design. I'm also on hold working on any of those schemes due to my other work projects, sidelines and of course baby.

...2 house schemes I designed and still not final...

I really want to have a good sized Koi pond in the garden and have even just a small waterfall & wooden bridge. I find Japanese gardens so nice and calming, it can be a great place to just relax and unwind after a tiring day. If the garden will be big enough to have a small gazebo, probably Japanese inspired too I can make use of rain chains to add some aesthetics to it. Not only that it's decorative, a rain chain can be a good replacement for an unsightly downspout. This way water can be transported nicely to the drain without compromising aesthetics. I think a Japanese rain chain will be perfect since it's a Zen style garden.

...beautiful rain chains...

That so far is the thing I am more solid about my ideal home, the garden. It's a must to have even just a small garden space and work out all the things I want there in smaller scale if needed. Maybe if we're lucky enough to get our own place here I can practice designing the garden so by the time we're ready to construct our place there in my homeland we'll have concrete idea how to do it.

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8 Responses

  1. lina Says:

    First - dream about it.

    Then - make it a reality.

    Right, Ayie? :)

  2. mimi Says:

    i really like the idea of having big size koi pond because it will definitely give u the peaceful mind and the coolness in your home! but they are annoying when it comes to cleaning up the pond!(from our experiences hehe) it is WORTH to spend more on the water filter process!(my dad still cleaning up them manually hehehe)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I love the rain chains Ayie! They are beautiful, but as far as house goes, I want to have a smaller house since I'll have to live alone soon..

  4. betchai Says:

    oh, you have very good design of your house Ayie, I won't be surprised if soon you will see your dreams come alive.

  5. Bengbeng Says:

    i like the second design. however i think in the long run unless one hs some outside/live-in help, the wooden bridge, koi pond etc would b a nuisance in terms of upkeep.

    this has been on my mind as i have been shopping for a home for Benghui when he grows up n marries. last month i bought a home for him... something simple but maintains its value over time

  6. what a great idea of having the rain chains in the garden.

  7. Carver Says:

    I think a garden is an important part of a home even if it's wild. I started out with a planned garden which was maintained but as I've grown older I have let it get very wild and I like that too. Your ideas all sound good. Fun to plan.

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