One night hubs and I were channel surfing looking for any good show to see and we came across something which features the best offices and modern houses. Of course our Architecture background got us hooked with the show instantly. We were like Ooooh, Wow, Damn! all throughout the show (sorry I don't remember how the program was called) being so amazed with all those featured places.

One thing that caught my attention was the stainless steel accents and finishes in a specific house. It's very striking and elegant looking, nothing industrial or commercial feel. Rare that I will be stunned with something so steel finish because I like a warm and cozy feel in houses therefore steel appeal isn't exactly what I'm after. In the family room the blomus stainless steel fireplace set with blomus stainless steel firepit was a knockout. It's not any regular fireplace that you'll see anywhere. Most of the appliance and decorations in that house were made of stainless steel like the blomus stainless steel teaset which perfectly matched the fireplace and all the other elements there. Not the usual things I see in homes but amazingly stunning!
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3 Responses
  1. Tekkaus Says:

    Yeah! and we know how much money all those shiny stuff cost. :D

  2. fufu Says:

    wow wow wow...nice ya as a fancy decoration!

  3. levian Says:

    stainless steel sure make a room looks grand!
    how nice if we were able to decorate our homes with that. :)

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