I grew up not being too inclined with medicines and I even remember dad giving us honey+garlic whenever we're couching and having phlegm. There's also warm calamansi juice or ginger tea when we have sore throat and colds. Those are just a few of the most common natural medicines our parents used to give us and I admit up to now I prefer those over pills and tablets.

Natural medicines are good for us but we also have to be careful not to drink or take just anything. We have to know which of which can actually make us better because some might not be accepted by our body and cause allergic reactions.

Herbalife has been known for its natural medicines and it's one of those companies that you can trust when it comes to natural medicine distribution. My mom once used Herbal Life products when she was offered by her friend. There are also many other distributors nowadays which works just as good. It's never too late to start taking care of our health, we can all make the change for the best!

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  1. great post. natural medicines are definitely better than the synthetic ones. i've been taking natural supplements daily to boost my immune system.

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