Early this week hubs aunt from London called to say hi and thank us for sending her some photo card. She's happy that we remember her and uncle. The call wasn't that long because I was also attending to baby and she had to go to sleep already. Before hanging up she mentioned maybe we can go for a vacation in London with baby since he's airfare is still free. Hubs and I really want to go there in London and all other countries in time.

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As much as we want to start traveling now we're not the type to go anywhere unplanned and without the right budget. We believe that we'll get to enjoy more and maximize our trip if we have dough to spare.
Maybe in time we can go to visit auntie and uncle and they can give us London private tour or better if they will extend the tour all the way to Paris. A Paris private tour from dear auntie and uncle will be exciting too. But before all those other international tours happen, we will go back home first and travel there with baby and my family.
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  1. [SK] Says:

    oh, london would be a nice place to go, especially you have accommodation to bunk in, that can really save up a lot.. my advice: just go for it!! :)

  2. Merryn Says:

    I was in London barely 4 days and my resources ran dry! Things are freaking expensive there because of the currency conversion.. even going to the loo is no laffing matter! :P

  3. Pete Says:

    London is a nice place for a holiday! I love the city!

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    Thank you!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    This would be a wonderful trip, Ayie! Traveling with a young child can be challenging, but fun!

  5. london is such an amazing place to visit but things are rather expensive everywhere in the city.

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