Being a freelancer and getting to my works from home is something I enjoy so much most especially now that we have a baby. I get to spend more time with baby and take care of him full time. I get to enjoy the most of motherhood even how tiring it is at times. Being with our son is time worth spending than being just anywhere else without him. I'm so happy to be always by his side and watch him every moment possible.

He's still a baby but we have some kind of special deep connection because we have more bonding time together. Of course daddy gets the same affection too from baby. Everyday me and baby will watch TV starting with Sesame Street and other educational shows. It alternates with my cooking shows in which baby seems to enjoy too. I set limits when it comes to TV to instill discipline as early as now so that baby will understand it's not good to always be just infront of the TV. Even if there's so much DirecTV packages, dish packages & cable packages being offered, I'm happy with what we have right now.

Aside from out TV time together, we have playtime at home and walks outdoors. I try to keep baby active as much as possible to further enhance his development and growth. But one of our best bonding is our feeding time. I am proud to say that I am purely breastfeeding baby since birth. He's been growing good and healthy and we thank mommy's precious milk for that. Despite my close supervision with baby he gets to have his own time by himself. I let him play alone when he feels like it and just keep watching him closely. That way he can explore and learn things also on his own without thinking mommy or daddy always have to do things for him. Bonding time is very important but it should never be exaggeratedly done.

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5 Responses
  1. lina Says:

    You are so lucky!

    And baby Jariel is so lucky too to have his mom around always. :)

  2. Tekkaus Says:

    Hehe :D baby Jariel surely loves you being around him huh!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You two are so cute together!

  4. foongpc Says:

    Baby Jariel is so cute! And you must be enjoying working from home with Baby Jariel around! : )

  5. Dora Says:

    yeah bonding moment with baby is fabulous :-) wow your baby will play on his own? Mine won't let us relax 'coz he always want our companion to play!

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