This photo of mine was taken about 21 years ago in Nayong Pilipino. It's a park wher eit features miniature places in the Philippines. I often go there because mom takes her students for a field trip there for her history class. I love this last leg of the trip because there are rentable bikes in the park and I get to enjoy biking after a nice picnic.

It's not the only place I used to go with mom and her students before. As part of mom's itinerary, she brings her students to orphanage, home for the aged, mental institution and other facilities like drug rehab or alcohol treatment center. This is part of her social sciences to have her class experience and get exposed to such facilities. Perhaps this is not the kind of field trip you would want to have but the truth is, I've learned so much being exposed to these trips. It's scary I admit but immersing to such experience opened up my eyes to a broader view in life. As a kid I learned how to value and respect those people undergoing such crisis and help those kids in the orphanage.

The scariest experience was there in the mental institution. I remember mom telling me to avoid interaction with those people because they can harm me since the are not in their right mind. I witnessed some who are really nuts and wild, people in charge of them had to give some drug treatment to calm them down. The screaming and weird action they were doing really scared me. Cases of people in the alcohol rehab undergoing alcohol treatment aren't really that bad compared to the mental hospital. Over all I felt sorry for all those people just by seeing them suffer. Of course what can you expect from a kid, right?
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4 Responses
  1. Tekkaus Says:

    Haha :D You remind me of my bicycle. :p Cute lar you when you are young.

  2. hi Ayie,

    21 years ago? Wow! You were very young. DonCha Wish to gt young again? Hahah

  3. Dora Says:

    Ayie, you're so cute in the bicycle!

  4. betchai Says:

    is that you Ayie? you were so cute and love that giggly smile.

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