After I decided to compare cable providers and get satellite tv, I got hooked on the show Roseanne! This show is about two working class people who have a family to raise and a job to do. They go through hard times just like any other blue collar person that I know. The reason the show is so appealing is because Roseanne always finds a way to add comedy to an otherwise tragic situation. Roseanne and Dan love each other even though they may not show it at times and they work very hard for their families.

There are many different situations that you run into with the Connor family. There was even one episode where Becky the oldest daughter was giving a speech to her school and farted in front of the entire assembly. Then there was an episode where Dan caught Darlene the middle child being groped by a boy on her basketball team. The supporting characters add a flare and a life to the show that may not have other wise been there. You never know what you are going to see when you watch an episode of Roseanne.

This guest post from Efren Gill

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  1. Mariuca Says:

    LOL I love sitcoms and I used to watch Roseanne too! :)

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