One very important trip we made sure has to happen was our Boracay Island escapade. Me and hubs love that island and we wanted baby to enjoy it too. Mom worked on the bookings to make sure we'll have the best deals and guarantee our plane reservations done. Since Elisse still has school and mom has classes too we decided to split in two groups, me with hubs, baby, bes and dad left on Thursday so we could enjoy longer days in the island. Mom, Elisse, big bro, little sis, nanay and Chie all went together the next day. Dad is also a bit superstitious with flights, as much as possible he doesn't want all of us complete in one plane trip that's why it worked best for all of us.

It has been a tiring week since baby celebrated his birthday and we had to work on other things too. Our flight was scheduled in the afternoon so we had a bit of time to pack and take baby to the doctor for a quick check-up. I got quite worried when baby got a bit feverish that Thursday morning so mom and I rushed him to our family doctor. Good thing it's nothing bad and we were just given an antibiotic and paracetamol to suppress the fever. Baby was also teething that time and whenever that happens he always get fever. I knew baby's fever wasn't bad but since we're scheduled for a trip it's better to have him checked right away to make sure we have the necessary medicines needed also to know if it will be safe for him to go. Making sure all essentials for your baby is very important when you go off for a trip and I'm happy that mom was there to help me.

Nobody would think our little boy wasn't too well earlier that day because he's very lively and active when we reached the airport. We had some time to buy so baby enjoyed walking around the waiting area while waiting for the boarding. It was just a 30min flight going to Kalibo and a 2hr road travel to Caticlan going to the pier where we took our ferry ride to Boracay Island. Baby slept through most of the travel clutching his trendy baby blanket and I made sure he's tucked really hood inside his ring sling baby carrier when we boarded the ferry. There's no way I'd let him loose during our evening boat ride! We safely arrived in the island after a very humid travel and settled in a local hotel before heading out to dinner.

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