Looks like we'll have a more relaxed labor day weekend this time around since my client already approved and she loves the final design revision I gave her the other night. After 3 major design changes we finally nailed it! Woohoo! I can take more chances in my blogging again and get to read some blogs this coming weekend. I know it's just the start of the week and I am so looking forward a long weekend, me and hubs will get the chance to play with baby and take him somewhere and have some quality family time.

I rendered quite a number of images for my presentation so I will just give you a little preview of my works to see the differences on the three schemes. At first she wanted a modern concept for her 2-bedroom condo unit then changed her mind later on and told me she wanted a cozier design. She partially approved the second scheme and we worked on the necessary changes and additions, finally the third design convinced her to go for it.

My client (and friend) is a very meticulous and quite picky but we admire her taste of style. It wasn't that hard for me to know how she wants things to look because she knew already what she wanted to put in there and how the design can adapt to her lifestyle. She's open to innovations and willing to embrace things which are new to her. Though our design is more on the final layout already, there will be additional elements there like enclume pot rack for the kitchen, corner vanity table in masters, mini closet design for the workroom and shoe closet design.

We gave much thoughts on the cabinetry and closets in the masters bedroom. She wanted to have as much closet space to avoid clutter and a nice tv stand which is also accessible to the workroom. Our kitchen had several cabinetry revisions that's why we just left it with just the basic appliance and storage. We specifically chose to use enclume potracks if ever there will be provisions for wall mounted racks. Since her kitchen is one of the first area to see when you enter the condo we had to consider aesthetics and enclume pot racks have simple yet modern designs which will best match the cabinetry and other furnitures.

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  1. FilipBlog Says:

    It is all nice but I prefer the modern light colours.


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