I was browsing my SD earlier and saw some of our vacation photos for our Philippines trip. I actually keep those photos despite knowing I have to free some space to accommodate updated photos and videos of our little boy. My reason for keeping some of the photos is for baby to have an easy access whenever he wants to see my family. I don't need to go online or turn on laptop/desktop just to show him some photos. Convenient right?

Up to now I haven't finished posting about or previous trip and it's been half a year ago. I always use my busy schedule as a reason for not doing so and that's really one of the major reason. I think another reason is that I want to keep the memories fresh, it's nice to keep coming back to the photos and feel like it was just yesterday. That's my best way of keeping myself grounded with my family and same as with baby. He doesn't have the luxury of seeing and not even to talk to them all the time, it's my way of keeping him reminded of them.

I enjoyed browsing our photos in the pool, baby was giggling a lot when he saw us playing in the water. That was baby's second time in the swimming pool and he absolutely loved it! The photos will be enough proof that we all had fun and really enjoyed splashing around. It made me want to bring baby to the community pool facility here after viewing the photos but the experience will never be the same.

Though it won't be as fun not having all of them to join us that won't stop me from creating new memories with my little one. I'd rather be happy playing with him in the pool than us feeling sad over some old memories. We'll definitely try swimming here before summer ends making sure we enjoy the pool before they put winter pool covers and close the facility. Warm days will be over soon as it's starting to cool down these days, we better make the most of the remaining summer days!

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  1. wenn Says:

    i hvn't been swimming for quite some time already. love it.

  2. Tekkaus Says:

    I wanna bring my little Jordan to the swimming pool too. :)

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