Accessorizing office attire or uniform can be hard sometimes. Not all accessories can go for the attire and can completely make it look off instead of making it look better. Having to wear clothes from your own wardrobe is way better if you're the fashion forward type of person. You get to choose accessories and mix and match garments, even dress up according to your mood.

Not all offices have this kind of dress code freedom, there are establishments with strict office wear to follow like medical institutions. Such institutions require people to be in their scrub while inside the work premises. Don't you think it's quite boring just wearing exactly the same uniform every single day as the others? It would be cool to somehow accessorize and alter your look a bit just to make a difference. Good thing that medical field has become a bit fashion forward nowadays having more colorful and cute scrub hats & accessories, check out http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/ for their whole line of suits and accessories.
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  1. betchai Says:

    i love these scrubs hat Ayie. they look really good.

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