Baby is really growing up fast and he's doing many different things now. He's also starting to speak clearer now though still baby words. I make sure he gets to interact with kids during our playtime and do activities at home like drawing, singing, dancing, fun bath time other than just watching TV. We might be a little strict when it comes to his foods and TV time but we believe it's for his own good. Though many Direct TV shows can be very entertaining and educational to babies most especially toddlers, moderation has to be given a very big emphasis. A little Sesame Street, Word World and Curious George is fine as long as you set specific time and routine making the baby understand he's not suppose to watch the whole day. Something like a treat, this way he gets to explore more on other things and develop more skills by being active.

It's hard when you have a baby at home and you just want to watch something and you know some scenes or languages won't be appropriate for the baby. Whenever we want to watch something and baby happens to be up and about I just play with him and take his attention away from the television. Sometimes it works and sometimes we just need to wait til our little boy sleeps. Sometimes we use some TV commercials which we see as morally bad to emphasize things that are good and bad. A boy grabs somebody else's things, kids pushing while playing, kids not eating their vegetables, these are some of those which we tell baby as No-No's.

I admit not all show or commercials can be diverted as a learning tool for your baby like those home security Athens, insurance deals, fastfood commercials, etc. The best that we can do is to just associate things like Cars and tell him that's a car and what's the color, animals like dogs, cats, birds. Good thing baby doesn't pay much attention to the TV since we never let him be infront the tube all the time. He'd rather play around and do his own thing.

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  1. iamthewitch Says:

    Hey hey Ayie dear! nice to see your baby growing up so big and healthy now!! Looking forward to see your video of him uttering his first words ;)

  2. Tekkaus Says:

    Mine is watching a lot of TV... :(

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