One thing that we really make it a point to do in Manila is to visit our family dentist. They have all our medical records there and we trust them fully with our dental deals. They were the one who worked on my braces back during my college days and even after that I kept going back to them for my annual check up and cleaning or whatever treatment that has to be done.

I love our dentists, a husband and wife working in the same field with their own clinic. They are very warm and friendly and you'll never feel anxious in any dental visit to them. So good and trusted that I recommended them to my bestfriend, hubs and his parents. I think it's very important to do business with people you truly trust most especially if it concerns health and well-being.

Of course we didn't miss to visit them when we went to Manila for a 3wk vacation. Me and hubs had our cleaning and some filling for hubs. Our little boy also met them and had his very first dental check. Nothing really much to see yet for him but it's worth asking the dentist to make sure our boy's good. We'll definitely see them again on our next trip back home. It's never hard to get them to book an appointment for us, we're close enough to exchange emails and keep in touch with each other or through my bestfriend.

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  1. lina Says:

    Jariel look so comfy in the chair. :)

    Shiny teeth for everyone, that day? ^^

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