We're happy to see most of our friends on baby's birthday party. Funny that most of mommy and daddy's invites don't have kids to bring with them except for Babylyn, Mara and Divine. I'm so glad to see them and my godchildren! If they didn't make the effort going to the party I don't think we'll have another chance to see each other again. We actually tried meeting up again but no luck, our schedules never met.

Technology has a big play in our communication success, when we sent out invitations it was through facebook and email basically. We thought of using some event management site like Eventish.com to organize our invite and have a more systematic RSVP count but then before we know it people already replied back to us in FB. Looks like everybody's on FB nowadays so it appeared to be as the most convenient way of letting them know of our return and baby's celebration.

We're happy enough to have seen most of them but of course deep inside we wish to have a little bit more time with them. I didn't even get to chat with my dear friends because there were so many people to entertain and I've got our boy to keep in good mood. Next time we'll make sure the event will be more intimate with just the closest friends and relatives so we'll have more time to sit down and chat also enjoy the celebration. It gets too tiring and very overwhelming when the crowd is too much though I admit sometimes it does make a celebration livelier.

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